Avengers: Endgame Plot Leaked

By: Nick Swafford

In a recent turn of events from the normal secrecy that Marvel likes to keep around their movies, an anonymous source leaked information concerning the movie in its entirety. To put it simply, it’s shocking what happens in this 3 hour film. When I first read the report, I couldn’t believe my eyes.


I’m warning you, if you cross this line, you are susceptible to information that will ruin your watching experience.


I’m warning you.


Last warning.


Ok, and we are going on into it.


The leaked Avengers Endgame storyline was revealed online by an anonymous source that went to one of the exclusive early screenings of the movie. The movie is definitely not for the faint of heart, but at least the opening scene is a little more tolerable than Infinity War’s was. It opens up to find a broken society still recovering from The Decimation, which is what Thanos’ snap was dubbed. Captain America is now leading a talk group for those who lost loved ones and talks the broken people into healing, but he’s just as broken as they are. The movie then shifts perspective to Iron Man and Nebula who are stuck drifting in space in the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship, and everything looks pretty bleak, but Tony Stark and Nebula eventually make it back to Earth.


Before that, however, Ant-Man showing up at the Avengers Compound—which can be seen in the movie’s first trailer—actually happens pretty early on in the movie. Ant-Man is an essential part of this movie as he is the key to unlocking the Quantum Realm that was seen in Ant-Man and The Wasp. He brings the machine that gives them access to the Quantum Realm to the Avengers, but as Ant-Man isn’t the smartest person ever, they can’t convert that technology into a reliable time machine.


This actually happens when Tony shows up at the Avengers compound later on, but let’s not spoil how he shows up to the compound—I don’t want to give everything away. Captain America and Tony have a brief meetup after years of disputing, and I can confirm that there is in fact a small fight scene, but as Tony is so weak from the journey, it is not an actual fight. Tony is the key to unlocking the power of time travel and he leads the Avengers in their red and white jumpsuits into the past in an attempt to stop Thanos from ever obtaining all of the Infinity Stones. They start with the tesseract which they go to the first Captain America movie for. Long story short, they succeed in their attempts, but Captain America opts to stay there, in the past. With the Infinity Stones now out of his possession due to time manipulation, Thanos takes notice and goes back to Earth in a fit of rage. A battle then ensues at the Avengers’ Compound, the exact same one that can be seen in the trailers, complete with the green Hulk in all of his glory. There is one major difference though between the trailer and the movie: Captain America isn’t there like he is in the trailer. Marvel throws everyone for a loop when it’s revealed some scenes from the trailers are fake. In this epic battle, some of the Avengers are, sadly, killed off. I won’t give away who exactly dies, but it is somehow revealed that Hawkeye is actually a skrull that has been under disguise, which leaves the real Hawkeye somewhere out in the world.


After the battle, the compound is in ruins and the time travel machine is broken, which gives the movie a lot more severity as there is no longer a “reset button” that they could keep using. The second half of the movie is all about Thanos and how the Avengers must eliminate such a large threat. Of course I can’t spoil how it happens, but one of the major Avengers sacrifices themselves to defeat Thanos. And I can neither confirm nor deny that the person who dies drives a large iron suit. Of course, they get the job done at a large price, but Thanos is no more. That basically concludes the movie.


Overall, throughout the movie, your emotions will take a rollercoaster of up and downs, sometimes being twisted and contorted in pain, and sometimes you grow wings and fly in joy. You are never left time to sink back into your seat as every second of the movie brings something important, and you are left teetering at the edge of your seat for the entire 3 hours. The end credit scenes are the best in the entire MCU, and there are three of them! One of them hints at the introduction of the X-men universe, which must have been filmed quickly as Disney only very recently gained the rights to them. It was quite exciting to read, so I’m sure it’ll be even more exciting on the big screen as well. The second one revolves around the Guardians of the Galaxy and shows the unveiling of Adam Warlock, a probable antagonist to the Guardians of the Galaxy who was in an earlier end credit scene in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 but not talked of yet. In the most exciting end credit scene out of the three, it is revealed that the next main antagonist after Thanos is the one and only Galactus. I’ll leave it at that, because that’s all you need to know.
If you guys enjoyed Infinity War, then this will definitely be a fan favorite, and you should get your tickets as soon as you can and I pray that you will survive the experience. Ultimately, from this leak, this movie will be one for the record books, and I can’t wait to see it play out on the big screen.


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