Parking Spot Price Change

By: Halie Holland

Attention all Heritage High school students: if you don’t already have a part-time job…well, you might want to get one. It has been confirmed that student parking spot prices are about to increase…a lot.


The $200 that juniors and seniors already have to pay just to park at our school is such a pain in the toosh. Now we gotta beg our parents even more to help us pay for these spots. You’re probably wondering how much they will increase, and I’m sorry to break the news to y’all but the new price is $375.


I know what you’re thinking; you’re upset and understandably so. How much more money will the school suck out of us? From lunch money to school pictures and senior apparel, the school asks a lot from us financially. However, increasing the parking spot prices by $175 is outrageous.


Good luck to our rising juniors and seniors for the 2019-2020 school year. You’re all gonna need it.



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