I’m STILL A Disney Fan

By: Hailey Costar

Since the beginning of my time, it was destined for me to be a Disney fan. My family was from Orlando, going to the Paris every weekend in their youthful years. I was a little princess myself, and made it my life goal to be the Disney princess of my dreams! When choosing the still photos for my article this week, I knew from the start that they would for sure be from my favorite movies(that just so happened to be Disney). Grab your popcorn and your favorite costume, it’s time to get magical!

My first image is from The Goofy Movie. One of my many fictional crushes–Powerline, is the exact example of an 80’s heartthrob. Disney knew what they were doing with this film, awakening the hearts of every child–and teen for that matter–of the beauty and excitement of music. Powerline is irresistible, talented, stunning, irresistible(oh did I mention that already?) and from this very image, took my heart. The stance, the emotion, the passion for performing is one that is hard to ignore. When looking at this, I can imagine the most amazing musical event, with dancing, lights, and lots of fans! Powerline might just be the most amazing artist ever seen on the Disney screen.

My second image is from my childhood favorite movie, Hercules. Obviously anything that has to do with a powerful family living in the Heavens is going to be breathtaking, but this scene gets me every time. When I first saw the Kingdom of Olympus, I was overwhelmed with the need to live there. I hadn’t gotten too far into the movie at this point, but I was definitely hooked. The Kingdom is above the sky, floating in a magical existence. When you think about it, it’s clear that Hercules–or anyone for that matter–would be handsome, gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, magical, dreamy. I think one of my main reasons for loving this movie is the fact that Hercules is my dream man. The movie as a whole is full of childhood nostalgia and makes me feel as though I have been transported to the magical world of Olympus. 

My third image is from quite literally the best movie of all time… Anastasia. Oh my, could I go on and on about this movie; well, I’m not going to stop, so I might as well tell you everything about my love for this film. First of all I have three words… Russian Royalty, Music, History. This film has one of the best animated movie soundtracks, as well as beautiful characters and stunning costumes. I have always been a history buff who specifically is interested in the Romanoffs. Before I fell for the nerdy side of this movie, I fell in love with Anastasia. Since the time I was able to comprehend movies, I watched this film. My grandparents had it on VHS, and I would spend every trip watching it on their recliner, eating pancakes with m&ms and whipped cream. Okay, now I’m just being nostalgic. I literally wanted to be Anastasia when I was younger; I would pretend I was the abandoned Princess sometimes. For the record, this confused my family, but oh well, I was a princess sooooo… She truly was the most beautiful princess that I had ever seen. Even when she was “Anya” and a homeless teenager, I thought she was beautiful. This very scene is my favorite though. She has found her old home, the ancient castle and is remembering what it was like to be a princess again. Anastasia had lost her memory so this scene is definitely magical. She is seeing what is displayed as holograms or memories of her family and a beautiful ball. Her dress is transformed to the iconic golden gown. She looks absolutely breathtaking. As she dances I was in awe, but not as in awe as when she met her father. I literally have chills writing this. As someone who has been distant from my own father due to his work and constant travels, I feel for Anya and yearn for that father-daughter connection. The moment he asks to take her hand in a waltz, I can’t help but get emotional. It is the purest of intentions and is what creates the connection between kin. This is her dream, her truest desire, and it is displayed in the most perfect way. 

My fourth is from another cinematic masterpiece, The Princess and the Frog. Another beautiful story and wonderful soundtrack, this movie is filled with nothing but happy dances from me! It is a perfect story for when you feel like you have a plan, life is always full of surprises that unexpectedly turn out better than you can imagine. It is a love story, yet there is strong independence within princess Tiana. I love how she is one of the first princesses who doesn’t feel the need to have a prince, and when she gets one it’s out of TRUE love. She falls in love with his personality, his character, his ideas on life. I mean come on, she meets him as a FROG. Falling in love with a frog–even a handsome one–is true love! This scene is THE scene where Naveen and Tiana fall in love. They have pretty much come to the understanding that they might not ever be humans again, yet the beautiful feelings they have for each other go beyond any way they look. As they dance on the water in a peaceful environment, they share a kiss–the everlasting sign of love. Everyone in their right mind will be full of “AWESSSSS” after seeing this. To me, this kiss is more magical than any one done by a prince and princess(even if they are human)!

If you couldn’t tell, I love Disney. My love has gone from admiration for princes and princesses to feeling connected to the story, and of course the music! I have always been a fan of the work done by Disney, their scenes are seamless! You can look at any picture from any Disney movie and find something beautiful that in a way can change your life. Disney, my love… forever and always. No matter what, I’ll STILL be a Disney fan!


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