Miranda Knowles 4 Major Stills

Kevin brings a lot of humor to the office. This is my favorite scene in The Office, which is the season opener after each staff member explains their summers. Kevin explained in this scene that he ran over a turtle at the beginning of summer. In this picture above, he was explaining that he had taken care of the turtle the entire summer after he “repaired” the shell, but accidentally sat on it. After becoming heartbroken from his mistake, he came to the realization that the turtle was likely dead the first time he ran it over. This scene shows Kevin’s personality and innocence.

In the hit series Friends, this is the iconic couple, Ross and Rachel sharing their first kiss. This was extremely impactful in the show as we follow their relationship throughout the entire series. Ross and Rachel had known each other since they were in high school, but their timing was never right. Ross had a crush on Rachel for years but didn’t do anything about it. Once Rachel finally returned the feelings, Ross had moved on to another woman. After they dated for a while, Rachel grew to like him more and more. Eventually, Ross became single and the audience was relieved to see that after waiting for so long, they would finally be together. Although their relationship was far from perfect, everyone loved their chemistry.

In the series, Gilmore Girls, this is the scene where Rory and Dean meet for the first time. Although I personally do not ship Rory and Dean, or quite frankly Rory with anyone, this was the beginning of her first epic love. I think this is the moment when everything changed for her. She grew to really like Dean, and they dated until Jesse came along. As the seasons stretched on, I grew to dislike Rory for her stupidity with men. She made some really bad decisions and became an entirely different person.

This is the scene where Hope, Klaus and Hailey’s child, is born. From the moment she was brought into this world, the witches wanted to kill Hope, which they later found out was because Esther, Klaus’ mother, ordered them to do so from beyond the grave. Once Klaus’ child was born, his priorities changed. Instead of the desire to rule New Orleans for more power, he only cared about protecting his child. Because Klaus and his siblings have several enemies, they feared that Hope would inherit all of them. To a certain extent, this was true. In the image above is when Klaus sees his daughter for the first time. In completing Esther’s missions, the witches helped Hailey give birth to Hope so that they could sacrifice her in their ritual. Once Hailey gave birth to her after being in serious distress because of her daughter’s fate, the witches sliced Haileys throat, killing her. Then, they took Hope away to complete their ritual. Klaus, who was finally free from the witch’s spell and could move freely, sat with Hailey’s lifeless body. But, Hope’s blood saved Hailey and brought her back to life as a hybrid.


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