Claire’s Body Modifications

By Liela Hafshejani

Growing up in the 2000s, every little girl went to Claire’s. Many went there to get their ears pierced and to buy the newest jewelry you could split with your best friend. I did it, you did it, we all did it. As our generation grew up, Claire’s knew they had to catch up with us and provide us with things we wanted to get– just as easily as getting our ears pierced. 

Injectable Implants! Yes, now you can go to the mall and get lip fillers, facial enhancers, wrinkle fillers, and more! You already have your pretty piercings and matching BFF necklace. Why don’t you just make those lips a bit more plump and pretty! 

Claire’s announced this just in time too! Imagine you walk into your nice prom venue in a beautiful dress, make up done, hair all made up, and everyone turns and looks to see you have a fresh set of lips on your face with pretty, shiny gloss all over them. The crowd will, indeed, go wild! 

Surprisingly, there hasn’t been much set back on this by parents. A few have brought up the point that many of the girls who went to Claire’s when they were younger are now 18 or over so it shouldn’t be a legal problem as long as they give consent. They’ll inject you with customized purple syringes and they even let you keep it! 

Come down to Claire’s today and leave looking even more beautiful than you already do!


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