Vape Detectors to be Installed After Spring Break

By: Miranda Knowles

Vaping or E-cigarettes contain harmful and addictive substances, including nicotine, that can cause severe long-term lung issues. After the Vape Shop opened across the street from Heritage High School in January, the HHS administration has grown concerned that students can easily acquire vapes. Mr. Lyons explains, “we welcome local businesses, but hope it doesn’t encourage inappropriate behavior by students.” To fight this battle against addiction, vape detectors will be installed in every school bathroom starting April 18, after students come back from Spring Break. As vaping has become a more prevalent issue across schools nationwide, Heritage High School hopes that this keeps the student population safer. 

 Mr. Betheil, Vice-Principal and administrator of Heritage High School, shared his thoughts on this new installation: “They’re going to be helpful to administration in dealing with the vape problem and finding those students who have been doing it in between classes on a regular basis.” Ultimately, Heritage High School is proud to be making their school safer for every one of its students.


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