The Book (Article) of Boba Fett

By Liela Hafshejani

Now that episode 6 of The Book of Boba Fett was released, I think it was time the Heritage Herald had a Star Wars article. Fair warning before you start reading, though. If you haven’t watched any of the movies or the shows, click away; this is littered with spoilers. Welcome to the article of Boba Fett. 


I’m going with the timeline of events, not by order of release. 

Boba Fett, from the planet Kamino, son, and clone of Jango Fett, was a bounty hunter under the Galactic Republic to the Galactic Empire. His father Jango Fett passed down to him Mandalorian armor (this will be important later). He has been trained in special combat from a young age and grew to have the reputation of one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy.

The first time we see Boba Fett is in Attack of the Clones (2002). He was still a child when we first met him. He was with his father, Jango Fett. Of course, Jango isn’t really his father; Boba is an exact clone of Jango but they have a special bond with each other. Around this time, many of the planets in the galaxy under the Galactic Republic pledged loyalty to Count Dooku. Jango and Boba fled to another planet (Geonosis) but Janga was killed in battle against Mace Windu where he was decapitated. 

Boba was orphaned and had to spend some time in prison in Coruscant. After his release, he followed his father’s footsteps and became a bounty hunter under Jabba the Hutt. He used his hate for the Jedi to kill others. 

Now that he became the galaxy’s most notorious bounty hunter (The Empire Strikes Back, 1980), he was recruited by Darth Vader to track down the Millennium Falcon (and the only one who was able to catch Han Solo, Leia, and Chewbacca). He tracked them to the Cloud City where he froze Han Solo in carbon to take back to Jabba the Hutt to collect his bounty. 

In Return of the Jedi (1983), Boba Fett is stationed in Tatooine with Jabba the Hutt where Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa are captured when trying to save Han Solo. During all this, a prison revolt broke out and he has to fight off Luke. While this is happening, Chewbacca warns Han that Boba Fett is near. Han has just been let out of the carbonite and is still blinded. Han turned around and involuntarily sets off Boba’s rocket pack and he was sent flying into the mouth of a Sarlacc

That was the last time we see Boba Fett until season 2 of The Mandalorian (2020). He comes back and gets his armor back from The Mandalorian that was stolen from him. It is explained that he had it stolen by Jawas. He has to help Mando save Grogu in return for the armor. Unfortunately, he was still taken but he continued to help The Mandalorian until Grogu was back safely. He created a distraction for them by flying off a ship. With that same ship, he flies back to Tatooine to take over Jabba the Hutt’s throne and succeeded. 

The next time we see him is the beginning of the new show The Book of Boba Fett (2021). In the first episode, we see flashbacks of him coming out of the Sarlacc’s mouth and his journey back to being the Boba Fett. This takes place a while before the events of The Mandalorian

Since the show is still fairly new, I won’t spoil it more, but I highly recommend watching it. Many old faces show up; it’s very exciting! I, personally, enjoy it a lot. So far, I still liked The Mandalorian more, but that’s just my opinion. 

I appreciate how Boba Fett is getting some better recognition since he is one of the most loved Star Wars characters of all time and only had about 7 minutes of screen time until now. It’s much deserved.

“What if he doesn’t survive? He’s worth a lot to me.” – Boba Fett, ‘The Empire Strikes Back


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