Halloween Made Easy: The Herald’s Guide to Last Minute DIY Costumes

By: Nicole Chedraoui

Attention Halloween lovers, it’s your time! Happy spooky season! As I’m sure you are aware, Halloween is just around the corner, what better way to indulge in the spooky spirit than help out my other fellow horror-loving friends to prepare for the holiday and providing some really fun, affordable, and last minute DIY costumes. Without further ado, let’s hop in! 

Costume #1: Bob Ross and a “Happy Little Tree”

ICONIC.  If you are in a relationship, or if you just want to coordinate a costume with your friend, this duo is not only easy to create, but adorable too. All you need to do to transform yourself into the legendary Bob Ross is a baby blue, long-sleeve button- down shirt, tucked into a pair of dark washed jeans. For maximum effect, I highly recommend either purchasing a medium brown afro wig and a matching beard (although you could always just draw on the beard.) Tuck a paint brush into your pocket, carry a splattered paint palette, and voila! You’ve been transformed!  

If you’re lucky enough to have a significant other who is the “happy little tree” to your Bob Ross, here’s how you can create that look. First, either cut out leaf shapes into different shades of green paper or fabric. Next,  you’re going to want to take a dark brown sweater, and, either sew on the patches of light and dark green leaves, or just staple them to the sweater itself. To finish it off, pair this top with a casual pair of jeans or brown pants to resemble a tree trunk and now you are a “happy little tree.” 

Costume #2: Hawaiian Punch

This costume is like a Dad joke in costume form. It’s definitely outside the box and requires a certain type of personality and humor, but it is quite easy to create. Dress up in your favorite Hawaiian apparel, pair it with a Hawaiian or floral lei, and top it off with a pair of boxing gloves. Get it?  Hawaiian PUNCH – BOXING?? It’s authentic comedy.

Costume #3: Spice Girls

This costume may not be what you think, but it is exactly what is sounds like. For this costume, print a large jar label of your spice of choosing, and glue it onto a t-shirt or apron. You can color coordinate the color of your t-shirt, the spice, and add a cute hat. This is super cute when done in groups (mainly for girls) because it adds to the irony of mimicking the iconic band, the Spice Girls. 

Costume #4: Ceiling Fan 

This costume is for all my underachievers.  It’s the type of costume you find on Pinterest the night before Halloween and decide that it’s mediocrity in itself makes it a fantastic costume.  For this costume, write out the phrase, “Go Ceiling!” on a plain t-shirt. To step it up a notch, you could iron on felt letters instead of using marker for pizzaz.  Finally, to finish off the costume, add a foam finger to really show you are a ceiling FAN- you’ll be an absolute punny legend. 

Costume #5: Jughead Jones 

Calling all Riverdale fans and Cole Sprouse enthusiasts! This costume was MADE for you. Jughead Jones is weird; he’s a weirdo, you’ve probably never seen him without that stupid hat, but nonetheless, he’s captured many people’s heart. To mimic Jughead, use a grey or black beanie (if you have long hair pin it up and tuck it into the beanie), shearling -collared denim jacket, dark jeans and a plain black shirt.  In order to be recognized as Jughead, be sure to cut the iconic crown shape around the beanie for which he is so well known. 

Costume #6: Movie Theater Floor 

Not going to lie, this costume is kind of TRASHY.  For this costume, you will transform yourself into the literal dirty floors of your favorite cinema.  All you need to accomplish this is to wear ALL BLACK clothes, with classic movie theatre concessions glued or sewn on to your shirt and pants. For example,  put candy boxes, lids to icee cups, candy wrappers, stray popcorn, or whatever else you imagine could be found lying on the floor of a movie theatre cinema floor.

Costume #7: FLO from Progressive 

You know her, you love her, you buy her insurance.  Flo brings boring daytime tv commercials to a whole new level by actually providing hilarious commercials and making us forget that she’s disrupting the show– so I find it only appropriate to honor her awesomeness via a Halloween costume. To transform into Flo, you will need her classic navy headband, a plain white shirt with a white apron over it that reads “Progressive,” a name tag that reads FLO, and, if you want to, a cute “I love insurance,” pin, and you are ready to go!

Costume #8: Identity Theft 

This costume is sure not to disappoint and incredibly easy to make. Just wear plain black clothes and buy a packet of  “Hello my name is -” stickers and write a ton of different names on each one until you are covered in stickers that say your name is 100 different names.  It should be ILLEGAL how punny this costume is. 

Costume #9: A Hydroflask (sksksksksk) 

Despite society associating hydro flasks with the personality trait of “VSCO girls,” that doesn’t take away the fact that the water bottle itself is the bomb- both for water and costumes.  To become a hydro flask, either order a large, oversized t-shirt with the hydro flask logo on it, or just take a regular plain t-shirt of your own and draw the design itself. This costume is great for groups of friends because you can all buy different color t-shirts that are accurate to hydro flask colors and bask in all the VSCO glory together. 

Costume #10:  Deviled Egg

Our final costume, is one of my personal favorites, and is of course the “deviled egg.” The deviled egg is by far that spookiest form of a cooked egg, and therefore, a perfect Halloween costume. To become a deviled egg, all you need is a pair of red devil horns, a white t-shirt, and a pair of leggings or jeans.  To create the egg portion of the deviled egg, draw a big yellow circle in the middle of the white t-shirt to resemble the yolk of the egg. Just like that, you have become a deviled egg. 

I hope these ideas help at least a few of you this Halloween season, or, at the very least, you get a laugh out of the grossily executed Dad jokes.  From the Heritage Herald to all Huskies, we wish you a very Happy Halloween! 


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