This is America: Throwing Migrants Away When There are Places To Stay

By: A’Breya Young

The land of the free and the home of the brave. Sounds intriguing, right? Do not let this fool you. Hundreds to thousands of immigrants are deported every day. Many parents have to leave their kids to care and fend for themselves because of a broken government. Even kids who were not originally born in America but adapted to American traditions are sent back to a country speaking a language that is not understood. As if leaving America is not enough, immigrants are ill-treated in Immigration Detention Centers (IDCs) while they are waiting to be deported. 


According to CNN’s Geneva Sands, on average, Immigration and Customs Enforcements (I.C.E) hold 42,000 people in custody nearly every day. As time passes on, these numbers continue to increase, which means more innocent men, women, and children are locked up in cages like animals. Overcrowding is the main issue in IDCs. The amount of time adults and kids are held in cells range from days to weeks, and even months. In Texas, a cell that was meant to hold 42 people became a holding cell of 81. Faces getting squished against the glass like paint finish on wood, is an ordinary scenario in these facilities. At times, these human beings are denied access to showers, bedding, and even blankets. Photos have even been released showing adults having to stand up and children sleeping on cold floors. Federal agencies don’t even have the decency to supply toiletries for individual use. Items for only one person are shared between multiple people. If, on a rare occasion, soap is provided, it is given in a small packet that is usually not enough for the entire body . 


Children become physically and mentally ill from being separated from their parents. Kids who have yet to be potty-trained wear the same diaper for days-or none at all. There have even been reports of toddlers and teenagers who were covered in fecal matter as they were prohibited from using the bathroom. Moreover, there is the susceptibility to bacteria, viruses, and disease from being in such cramped quarters. U.S. Customs fail to give vaccines that prevent the spread of flu and other diseases as well. 

These migrants only have soap as a defense against illnesses; however, that is not always available. 

You know the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well, call the whole Grey-Sloan Memorial team. Children and adults are malnourished and fed the same portion size as that of 1 year old. The food provided is appalling. Imagine having to eat stale chips, molded sandwiches and cold chimichangas. Bon Appétit!


The next time you decide to complain, but come home to an air-conditioned house, a fridge filled with food, and clothes in closets and drawers, imagine this being your life I am writing about. I am sure men, women, and children in immigration facilities, would love to trade places with you. Unfortunately, for them, that dream is a far reach…



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