VSCO Girl Culture

By: Halie Holland

From rad filters to star stickers and simple quotes, teenage girls are taking over VSCO. In case you didn’t know, VSCO is a social media app that also acts as a photo editor. The app was made for photographers to edit and post their works; however, it has transformed into a female fashion and lifestyle hotspot.

Since the app came out in 2011, teenage girls have used it as a social media platform where they can post almost anything and feel confident about it. The ideal part of it is that there is no way to see how many followers you have. You can’t see how many people have favorited your picture, and there is no comment section. The absence of this eliminates the stigma of having the most followers and likes and creates this outlet to post pictures without worry of judgment. No cyberbullying here, folks. It makes sense that almost every high-school girl has a link to their VSCO in their Instagram bio.

The Journal is another appealing tool that VSCO offers. This gives teens the right tools to express themselves in a unique and organized way. They can situate their pictures in an order of their choosing in a folder like format. Very helpful to satisfy organizational cravings.

Another appeal is that you can republish other users pictures, which is similar to twitters’ “retweeting” feature. The app is like if Twitter and Instagram had a baby, which is pretty cool.

VSCO makes girls happy. It is a substantial way to let the creative side of you shine and to connect it with others. It is a step in the positive direction for the social media world. It’s all about self-expression and getting inspired by others free of social stigmas.

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