Husky Ladies Tennis

By: Peyton Lawson

It’s a new school year and a new sports season. The Husky Women’s Tennis team began their season with optimism and momentum. With the guidance of Coach Winstead, the girls are improving their skills on the court and learning leadership that will last a lifetime.

Coach Winstead proudly explains the differences in this years team, “We have had a drastic change in our lineup, that’s the biggest thing. We had several girls graduate last year, so the leadership has changed. This has been a good change; some new girls stepping up and becoming leaders.” As in most sports, these leaders are essential to the function of the team. Though girls play individually on the court, tennis is a team sport. Coach Winstead describes the thrill of playing for a team as “intimate and exciting” and loves the sport for this reason. She describes her excitement knowing that “tennis can change at any second;  the momentum can change based on a certain point or game. It is really exciting.”

The team leaders help unite the individuals on the team, which is a key part of the game’s success. Coach Winstead elaborates on the timeline of things, “We start out with singles. There are six singles matches happening at one time. The scoring goes best two out of three sets. The girls who win six games first will win a set and then two sets out of three wins the match. Once those matches are over, there are three doubles matches. With those, the first to win eight games wins the match.” This format requires teamwork, leadership, and balance. Every game win is required to win a match, and every match win is essential. For a successful game, all team members must carry their weight.

The Lady Huskies are optimistic about the coming season. One of their biggest games is tomorrow against our cross-town rivals, Wake Forest High School. The Hooligans are known for their support in a variety of sports and tennis should be no exception. All Hooligans should come to the match tomorrow at 3:30, right here on the Husky courts. If you can’t make it tomorrow, don’t worry, the season is far from over! With a current in-conference record of 1-1, the Lady Huskies are looking forward to the rest of the season. The game schedule is as follows:

9/14 3:30 vs Wake Forest

9/19 3:30 @ Corinth Holders
9/20 3:30 vs Wakefield
9/26 3:30 @ Knightdale
9/28 3:30 vs Rolesville
10/2 3:30 @ Wake Forest
10/4 3:30 vs Corinth Holders

Best of luck to our women’s team as they continue their season! See you all at 3:30 tomorrow where a #NewEra of Husky sports will continue.


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