Twumasi Duah-Mensah

_MG_6179I know exactly what you are thinking. Where in the world does my name come from?

To answer such a question, we must go back to February 22, 2002. My parents had come to America from Ghana almost three years before, and I had just been born. My mother and father were hopelessly trying to figure out a name for their newborn. Suddenly, a light descends from the heavens upon my father. He sees that the nurse is chewing gum, and remembers that the hospital looked messy. He puts together “Chew-Messy.” Add some weird Ghanaian word thingies, and we get “Twumasi.”

Now, I could be misremembering — I was only a newborn. But besides my name, there were other things my family (mom, dad, older brother, younger sister) has done right. I get a lot of my personality traits from my dad; controversial, crafty underdog who has a sense of adventure. My mom is somewhat of the opposite; she’s much more practical and likes being a homemaker, even though my dad resents her boring behavior. While I love to explore radical ideas, I do pick up some of her cynicism towards such ideas. My parents have taught me the importance of tradition and staying close to family as well.

As a child, I wasn’t able to go outside or play sports because my parents were always working. Confined to the four walls of my home, my sister and I got imaginative in playing games with each other to stave off the reaper of boredom. I think the imprisonment has led to my creativity, curiosity, and sense of adventure. I didn’t talk to many people or explore the outdoors as a result. In school, I was an awkward, shy kid who was always out of the loop when it came to social behavior. I remember changing a lot from middle school to high school, especially when it came to how sensitive I was.

I’m one of the six Global Leaders for the Global Citizens Club at Heritage High and am involved in Speech and Debate. Mr. MacLeod might tell you that I’m his Chief Regurgitatior. Mr. Schweickert might tell you I’m the Chief Procrastinator. Mr. Sellek might tell you I’m an expert at getting last place at a Speech and Debate competition. The list of my experience in success is endless.

Soccer is my favorite sport, and Tottenham Hotspur is my favorite team. If you know Joshua Bratager, ask him if Liverpool is still going to win the Premier League. I’m interested in other sports like basketball and tennis as well. Politics is a huge passion of mine. I advocate for free markets, nationalism, and Christian traditionalist values in our society. I’m very passionate about the decline of American culture and how to turn back the clock. If you’re a real-life straw man, you might think I would like to establish a Christian fundamentalist state and chain women to kitchens. Don’t worry — I would let them step two feet outside the house.

I joined Newspaper because writing and branching out tin school is fun for me. I’m a very inquisitive person and would love to investigate events in the community and school. I love interviewing people and having casual conversations in interviews. I also thought it would be interesting to talk about and debate my conservative perspective in a left-leaning newspaper.

If I could describe my personality in one word, it would be “adventurous.” I think it sums up my creativity and curiosity very well. To give you an idea of my creativity, I once made a rap in 8th grade about sustainable parking practices.

The quote below, I believe, best shows where I stand politically, personally, and culturally. Thank you for reading.

“When I came here 17 years ago and said I wanted to lead a campaign to get Britain to leave the European Union, you all laughed at me. Well, you’re not laughing now.” – Nigel Farage