Twumasi Duah-Mensah


It’s pronounced “choo-MAH-see DOO-uh MEN-suh.”


So I was trying to think of what to write for this article. I then came up with this question: What makes me me?


I tried to think of all the things that describe me. And I tried to figure out where those traits come from—whether it be from where I grew up, my parents, or somewhere else.


My name—I got it from my grandmother; it was her last name. I don’t know my grandparents very well because they live in the West African country of Ghana, and they don’t speak English. It’s pretty tough, but I deal. What does my name mean? Well… nothing, actually.


My skin color—This one is sort of a mystery to me. I’ve never really figured out where I got my skin color from. My parents are from Ghana, so maybe that has something to do with it. The color is pretty cool, though. Nice and dark.


My hair—Three words: Best. Barber. Shop. That’s what it’s called. They give some C L E A N cuts. They’re on 5621 Louisburg Rd. Shoutout to my barber, Mike.


My sense of adventure—Probably comes from Poptropica. I played it a lot. I also played this lesser-known game called Free Realms—an absolute masterpiece; too many childhoods missed out on it.


My intelligence—Again, Poptropica. That game teaches a lot of life skills and very interesting facts. Very educational.


My taste in music—If you know me, you know my favorite artist is Lil Pump. An absolute musical wizard, and I’m not even kidding. I’m into all ‘80s music, rap, alternative rock, indie music, and hard rock. They’re all pretty great. You should check them out. Because, like, they’re all pretty great.


My lack of sense of humor—I would say it’s a blend of shock humor and dry humor. Probably got it from my brother, Yeboah. You may know him; he’s a youth coach for NCFC and works at Walgreens. My family and I call him Nana. He was born in Ghana, but moved here in 2010. We can’t wait for him to move out achieve his goals.


I like sports. I’m not good at any of them, but I like them anyway. If I’m ever sad, don’t worry; it probably comes from supporting the Charlotte Hornets. It does quite a number on you. And supporting Tottenham Hotspur, too.


Alright, now to my interests:


  • Napping
  • that’s it lol


Oh yeah, I think I have a younger sister. Her name’s Elizabeth. She’s pretty talented at a lot of stuff—from singing to dancing to swimming. I would link to her Instagram, but it’s kinda trash. Her caption game is horrendous.


I don’t really have any pets. We used to have a lot of goldfish, but my mom accidentally poured something else in the tank instead of fish food, and they all died.  It was kinda sad, I guess.


Talents? I can do a few good impressions of accents. Quite a lot of British accents (Geordie, Mackem, Smoggie, Manc, Scouse, The Ends). Others include Welsh, Scottish (kinda), Irish (kinda), Italian, Spanish, Latino, and West African. I also…well, I also nap a lot. It takes some serious persistence to consistently nap like I do.


So…why do I write for Newspaper? Well, I don’t play any sports, so I need something to put on my college application. It’s like math; I don’t do it because I like it; I do it because I’m good at it. It’s quite fun. Really, really fun. Sometimes, keeping up with the deadlines can be rough, but it all pays off. People read my articles and are informed about what’s going on in their community, state, nation, and world. Finding creative ways to present information, doing tons of interviews, and going to and writing about big events is all hard work, but it’s exhilarating and rewarding.


So that’s me. I’ll mostly write about school and local news, global issues, and maybe some Lil Pump analysis. Thanks for reading! 🙌