Ryan Smithers

Usually when people ask me about myself, I just sit there and stare for a second. I’m not only blown away by the question, but then I actually have to make up stuff to say. I know it doesn’t seem hard, but when you’re a typical teenager with limited talent, what are you supposed to say?

I guess I already exposed myself enough. I am the typical teenager. I have a typical family, live in a typical house, in a typical neighborhood. My family consists of a mom, dad, sister and a dog. Nothing special. Both of my parents grew up in Upstate New York, and throughout their time together they’ve moved all around the East Coast. This included Virginia, where my sister was born. My sister is 21 and a nursing student at UNCW. It’s not that impressive though. Like come on, get a real job at McDonalds or something. Alright, alright, I’ll skip to the important part. I was born in Kettering, Ohio. They actually have a sign when you enter the city that says, “Birthplace of Ryan Smithers.” Take my word for it. Fast forward 18 years and somehow I’m here. That’s only a piece of it. This part is only in here because I had to write about it. Let me get to the good stuff.

My obsession with sports makes up about 99% of my life. Growing up, I experimented with many different sports. I started with soccer, which didn’t work out well. This big kid kicked me in the shin and I was gone. Basketball and hockey were two sports I played up till my middle school days, but baseball was always my #1. I basically started playing baseball straight out of the womb, but I stopped playing at the end of 8th grade. Why? Well, I had come to the early realization that sports weren’t going to take me anywhere. Though they were hobbies, I just got tired of the idea all together. This didn’t stop me from playing sports with friends or family, but the good thing about it was that it made time for something else. Most of my time spent traveling has been to attend hundreds of sporting events. Baseball, hockey, football, you name it. Hundreds. My love for watching sports grew and grew as I got older. Now I’m at the point where I watch and attend every game I can. My best memories come from games and cities I’ve been to. This includes my time in Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, and Chicago. There’s many more to choose, but cities like Cincinnati and Charlotte aren’t as cool to brag about. About a year ago, I realized that these memories have built me into what I want to do in life. Sports have been a huge part of my life since the beginning, so I decided to combine two of my few talents: binge watching sports and writing.

The sports market has created hundreds of new opportunities for people around the world. In today’s world, the market for sports has moved mainly towards the Internet. Since I’m a millennial, that’s where I started. I was introduced to a site called “Barstool Sports” by my cousins in 2015 and it really grew on me. I started to see the humor in sports rather than just the facts and statistics. Within a year of becoming an avid fan of the site, I tried to start my own. I met a guy on Twitter who was looking to do the same. In 2017, we launched our own site called “1 North 2 West.” The name comes from 3 teams in Chicago, in which I’m fans of each. The Cubs are on the North Side of Chicago, and the Bulls and Blackhawks are on the West. It’s pretty simple. We started from the bottom with no experience, and a year later we’ve trafficked over 200,000 visitors and views. We’ve gotten multiple sponsorships and have had the opportunity to talk to a few MLB players and writers. I guess you could say the hard work has paid off. All of this helped me decide to what I want to do with my life. If it isn’t obvious already, I want to write for a major sports team. Going to every game, talking to players, and traveling around the country seems like the life I want to live. Those dreams are years away. For now, I joined Newspaper. I could just say the reason for it was so it’s looks good for college. That’s not wrong. I really joined to try and improve my writing. Whatever answer works for you.

That’s me I guess. I skipped all the basic stuff and went right to sports because that’s how I am. Huge sports guy, Stoolie, and I try to be funny on Twitter. I’m done, but I need to state the following:

  • Boston is an awful city.
  • Pittsburgh is an awful city.
  • St. Louis is equivalent to a garbage fire.
  • MJ > LeBron
  • The Earth is flat.
  • The Sun is cold.