Nick Swafford

_MG_6189Hey you! Yes you, listen up. My name is Nicholas Swafford, the most interesting guy in the world. What makes me so interesting? I’m glad you asked. At age three, I became a baseball legend, and for the next five years I continued to live in fame. Then, “it” happened. It was early fall, 2011. Baseball tryouts were being held in a thin veil of fog, I was staring at the pitching machine, watching and waiting for the ball to hurdle towards me. I heard the gears starting to tremble, and there it was, the ball was 40 feet away, flying at me at a bewildering  45 miles per hour. I stared at it intently as it came flying at me. I took a short, pressured breath, and I swung the bat with a strong SWISH. My heart dropped as instead of a sharp shrill of my metal bat resonating from impact, I hear the soft thud of it hitting the ground behind me. And with that strike marked the start. The start of an intense illness.

Weeks later, I found myself on a sub-par baseball team, one that didn’t seem to meet the bar of my usual teams. However, it didn’t make a difference in the long run, as I was home most of the time gifting the toilet with my lovely insides. This conundrum continued for months, until March 8th. That’s the day my baseball career finally came crashing down. I was diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, a brain cancer. This explained everything, my constant nausea, my inability to concentrate, my decreased hand-eye coordination—all of the abnormalities were caused by one thing, and it finally came out of the shadows. The very next day, my unconscious body lay for 7 hours in a surgical room, getting cut open with medical instruments that continued to  poke and prodding in my neck.

Anyways, enough with the dramatics- fast forward six and a half years and I’m a freshman in Newspaper writing at 12:34 pm on Monday, October 23rd 2017 . I’m sure by now, you’ve all heard of the amazing articles I write. For the stellar viewership I get, I must thank my mom and dad, my six sisters, and my two brothers for their outstanding support in everything I do. Large family, I know. Could you imagine having to find a car big enough to fit all of them? Or a parking space big enough for said car? Such a tough life, but at least it’s never lonely. One of my sisters even got me into Newspaper, which is a great class that I enjoy immensely. I joined newspaper for a few reasons. One of them being I’ve always been pegged as an english-literature kid (which always came as a surprise, because I love science), another is to branch out from my shell, and most importantly, to find myself and who I am as a person.

Along with Newspaper, I also take part in some other school activities, such as Astronomy club and Engineering club. So many clubs, I know. After school, I tend to find myself playing on my guitar and researching astronomy facts, which, as of the past year or so, I have been completely infatuated with space and music. Other times I simply find myself hanging with friends. If you have read my articles, I’m sure you could see how often I bring up something space related, definitely showing my love for space. Now that you get a basic idea of who I am, if you see me in the halls, don’t be timid to say “hey”, but please refrain yourself from asking to see my scar.