Aiden Holczer

About Me

My name is Aiden Holczer, I’m currently a Junior at Heritage Highschool. I was born and raised in New Jersey until 2010 when my family decided to move from the place they lived in all their life and head south to North Carolina. Spending large parts of my life in two different states with drastically different cultures, customs, political beliefs, music, sounds, etc has allowed me to sympathize and understand both sides of certain issues.

The part of New Jersey I’m from is ten minutes away from Manhattan, and to any sports fan that means near-immediate indoctrination into one of the New York sports team combos: Jets/Mets/Islanders, Giants/Yankees/Rangers, etc. I went in a completely different direction: Nets/Cowboys/Tigers/Devils. My dad, a die-hard Cowboys fan, eventually convinced me to become a Cowboys fan. Looking back trying to convince your kid to be a Cowboys fan in New Jersey should be considered child abuse.

If you haven’t guessed by now sports are my life. And while I’ve never been good at playing them, I like to think I’m good at debating them. Old school “First Take” was my life, watching Stephen A. and Skip Bayless scream and argue about sports for hours on end got my blood pumping and made me want to debate any random passerby about how James Dolan and the Knicks were going to be the embarrassment of the league again or how the Cowboys were going to win the NFC East. And I can safely say I was right more often than I was wrong. I’m a firm believer in the saying “Put your money where your mouth is.” As long as I had money to spend, I would bet on games, records, individual stats and off-season predictions with my friends and under my dad’s name.

My goal in newspaper is to learn to better my writing skills and learn through writing how to speak better. I want to be a sports broadcaster and have my own show on ESPN or FS1, talking about the sports I love with the people who know them best. I always joke with my friends that “I’m going to take Stephen A. Smith’s job”, but in reality, I want to be better than Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless, Shannon Sharpe or any other broadcaster out there. In order to reach my goals, I know I have to work hard, get into a good college (preferably Syracuse or Texas) and claw my way up the sports broadcasting ladder. I may have a lot ahead of me on the road to my dreams but I know as long as I stick to my guns I’ll​ make it.