Advertise With The Heritage Herald!

While The Heritage Herald is now published exclusively online, our advertisement possibilities have not skipped a beat. Actually, our publication is now an even better place to get word out about your business. We’ll explain why in a bit.

A long time ago (last year), we published an actual, tangible newspaper. We released a new issue was released twice a month. For the most part, every copy was picked up, though we only ordered 100 due to cost restraints. Advertisements that appeared in the paper were either half page or full page sizes and were all black and white. Despite the lack of color and limited access to the papers, we always received great feedback from our advertisers.

The Difference

A big difference between the old Heritage Herald and the new is how advertisements appear with our content. With the limit of a black and white color scheme, our ads never stood out and became one with the text. On advanced online publications such as this one, ads can make an impact. They can be placed side-by-side or within each article, so that each of our readers can see them. On the old paper, ads would be displayed with a certain genre of articles, and if people were not interested in those articles, they would not see the ad.

Here’s how ads look on
ad look

In this case, the ad appears right next to the article. The image we used here was small, so know that they can be larger. In addition to displaying the ads on the side of our articles, we can also embed them into the text itself, so that we can be ensured that readers won’t miss it.

Businesses also have the option of getting an advertisement on our homepage. These may not be as effective as placing them with articles, as most of our traffic comes from direct links to articles via our social media pages.

ad look 2

All ads on will be able to link our readers to your business’ website.

Our Incredible Reach

The launch of has far exceeded our expectations. In the first week, we accumulated an audience of over 1,000 visitors, who in turn viewed our content over 2,500 times. In that week, the site amassed over 500 views in one day on three separate occasions. These numbers are a significant improvement from our old way of doing things. Only 100 copies of The Heritage Herald were released every two weeks. Now, over 100 people view our content before it’s even lunch time. Right now, we get an average of 350 views each day. Furthermore, our total audience has surpassed 6,200 different people. As this school year goes on, we estimate that our average, and the rest of the numbers below, will see an increase of 70%.

As of November 15th

Our Audience

We attract a variety of people in the Wake Forest area to Students, parents, and teachers associated with Heritage High School make up the majority of our audience, although articles about big events locally tend to bring in many Wake Forest residents who have nothing to do with HHS.

Our stats show that our sports articles are easily the most popular genre on the website. Fans of Heritage Athletics love to read recaps and parents of our athletes love to read about their kids. If your business appeals to this audience, we may the perfect publication to advertise with.

herald stats 2
This article brought in these numbers in just 3 days. That’s 629 different views.

Sponsor Us

If you are not interested in purchasing ads, sponsorship is always an option. By giving The Heritage Herald a donation of $10 or more, we will display your name or business on our Sponsors Page. Our Sponsors are broken into 6 categories: Basic ($10-$24), Special Edition (25-49), Letter to the Editor (50-74), Editorial (75-99), Breaking News! (100-149), and Newsworthy (150 and up). Please send an email to if you are interested.


In-text advertisements cost $65 a week. These ads will appear in every article that is published in said week. Advertisements that appear adjacent to our articles are $40 a week. Home Page ads run for $30 and will stay there until eventually being replaced by an article.  Please send an email to if you are interested.