A’Breya Young

Hello there! My name is A’Breya Young, and I am a newspaper newbie. It’s really hard to believe that I will be leaving the nest for college in just two years. However, I’m glad that I was chosen to be on the newspaper staff at this time. I have my junior and senior years to leave my mark as a writer who will not be soon forgotten.
How do I write about me? What makes me…me? Even though I’ve had this assignment numerous times, the pressure is really on, as this is the platform given me to validate my reputation as a journalist. However, I’ll give it my best. Thank you in advance for indulging me while I introduce myself.
I was born on May 29th, in Columbus Georgia. In third grade, I moved to North Carolina with my family, along with my furry friend, Zach. I had just suffered the loss of my favorite uncle who was more like a 2nd dad to me. So, the move was much needed. In 5th grade, I had to transfer schools because of bullying. Starting over in a new school had its own set of problems though. It meant being the new kid again, which was not a bad thing. I wasn’t being bullied anymore, my test scores went up, and I had another chance to show myself friendly to my peers. I was tired of being known as “that fat girl” and the “nerd who always sits in the front of the class” so I started changing in order to fit in with the crowd. Makeup, uncomfortable clothes that were in style, the whole nine yards. I had worked so hard to make my peers like me, that I forgot to like myself. Depression came upon me like a tsunami. Self-hatred stole my confidence and robbed me of my peace. I wanted to wave the white flag and declare, “Game over.” My family wasn’t having it though. They helped me get better so that I can be of support to someone who may experience the same challenges. I am forever grateful to them. There is one other thing that helped me get through as well.
Can we give a round of applause to whoever created Netflix? It has to be the absolute best streaming service ever! Netflix is where I discovered a show that would change my life–Orange Is The New Black. On the show,​ a woman named Piper is sent to federal prison after being convicted of selling drugs. While serving time, she realizes that in order to survive prison life, she had to prove herself to fit in. Like she was about that life, so to speak. Grant it, these ladies weren’t remotely close to the high fashioned, diamond, and gold jewelry wearing friends she had on the outside, but she still needed to fit in. I could relate to Piper in so many ways. Like her, I went to great lengths, trying to prove myself to people who were really no different than me. Sure, they may have weighed less, appeared to have more, and had a huge following. However, that was superficial. Behind closed doors, their world was just as dark and dreary as mine was at the time. Things began to change for me when I got to high school though.
I started coming into my own in high school. I learned that I should do things to make me happy. It’s still a work in progress though. Shopping has become my therapist. LOL! A little retail therapy seems to be just what the doctor ordered! My mom is always on board for that kind of trip to the doctor too, just not my dad. We take him along as our bag carrier. I mean can you blame me? All those bags hold me back from trying on clothes (wink-wink).
Well, I think that is enough about me. After all this, you probably think we’ve known each other forever=) I am really looking forward to writing your stories and articles that highlight your accomplishments for others to read about as well. See you around!