Sounds of the Season: Spring Playlist

By: JoAnn Snavely

Spring is here! And so is my senioritis. As I become less and less motivated to write, and graduation comes closer and closer, I have decided to take a break from the research-heavy articles I have produced over the past few months and to, instead, take a light approach for both readers and myself. In this sense, I will be talking about the only things I know how–music! The last two weeks, I critiqued parts of the music industry that bother me, and now this week I will simply be praising the songs that have been on repeat for me this spring, actively creating the most objectively perfect spring playlist to bring you joy as the weather warms up!

So, without further ado, let’s jump into my top five songs for this spring, with a full-length playlist linked below!

  1. The Greeting Committee – “Kids” (2021)

This song is the perfect spring song in the way that Mac Miller’s “The Spins” is the perfect summer song. Now, I know there are many songs that go by the name “Kids,” all painfully about our youth and how it is ever-so-fleeting. But this song just scratches my ears so perfectly for the spring season. I can’t quite pin what this song reminds me of –specifically the opening– but it is so unbelievably nostalgic. Diving into the theme of the song, it’s just about being a kid and growing up. There’s something so magical about being young and not worrying about the turmoil our political state is in; instead, we were worried about who’s gonna play who in a game of pretend house. This song takes our entire childhood and wraps it up with a nice little indie-themed bow. “Kids” is a song with fun beats, extraordinary solos, and a catchy chorus that’s perfect for spring, summer, and beyond.

  1. The Growlers – “Love Test” (2014)

“Love Test” is from The Growlers’ 2014 album Chinese Fountain. “Love Test” is a song about finding love in LA (or the lack thereof), and although the lyrics are lackluster, or some may even say depressing, its use of distortion with the guitar pairs perfectly with Brooke Nielson’s iconic indie vocals. This song is literally the peanut butter to my musical jelly. Its fun choruses, paired with their playful use of strings, helps to create an exciting song that is sure to become the soundtrack of your spring. 

  1. Peach Pit – “Psychics in LA” (2020)

Personally, I think any Peach Pit song is perfect for spring. Their music is literally the musical embodiment of the season. Their songs like “Thursday” or “Shampoo Bottles” feel like if I typed the word “spring” into ChatGPT and it spit out a bunch of lyrics. The song, “Psychics in LA” specifically is perfect for spring. With its riveting composition and pumped up chorus, it bridges the gap between winter and summer–just as spring does. When I say that, I must explain that I have a very specific taste for types of music as the seasons change. This winter, I saw myself going for many slower songs from musicians like Noah Kahan, Briston Maroney, and The Backseat Lovers; in the summer, I find myself listening to more upbeat musicians like Wallows, Briston Maroney (duality, baby), and The 1975. This means in the springtime, I need music to ease myself into the upcoming summer and without a miss, over the past 3 years, Peach Pit has been my spring band. “Psychics in LA” has a similar sound to “Love Test”, as it has the same fuzzy instrumentation but where it differs is with their surf rock vibe to it , which is what sets Peach Pit apart. The song specifically is about lost love and reaching for any possible explanation (hence the Psychics in LA). Peach Pit is THE band for spring, and more importantly “Psychics in LA” is the song of spring.

  1. Briston Maroney – “Steve’s First Bruise” (2020)

I bet you’re thinking “who’s Steve, and why is he bruised?” And truthfully, I could not tell you, however this song is the tried-and-true definition of the perfect song. It opens with one of my favorite build-ups in musical history. The opening lyric is also perhaps one of the most relatable lyrics I have ever heard: “I want to be eaten alive.” And honestly, as a senior with a little over a month left in high school, I really want to be eaten alive. The song comes off of Maroney’s 2020 EP Miracle, which has a completely different energy coming after his 2019 EP Indianna (which is a great transition from winter to spring btw). It has a short, but sweet chorus that is consistently paired with rocky guitar. It has depressing lyrics masked by one of my favorite sequences of beats, strings, and everything in between EVER. The specific moment I want to speak on is the build up of the outro, when Maroney repeats “I know exactly what it could be”, he repeats these lyrics while tip toeing over guitar strings and then eventually moving onto “I think I know just what I might need”, and then shortly moved on to repeating, “I think it’s something bigger than me”, and ramping up the sound by incorporating drums and a fast tempo. “Steve’s First Bruise” encapsulates divine composition and works together to create one of my favorite songs for the season, and of all time.

  1. The Backseat Lovers – “Maple Syrup” (2019)

Spring would not be complete without including a song from the Backseat Lovers’ 2019 album, When We Were Friends. The song’s simple chord progression, imaginative lyrics about screwing up a relationship, and subtle use of the drums assemble together like the Avengers; they’re classic, unbeatable, and when combined, the perfect concoction for entertainment purposes. The song is a sad retelling of a relationship and the awkwardness that ensues, but is masked by a funky guitar set. That single factor is what makes it the perfect spring song. It’s simple. It’s sad. And most importantly, it sounds fun. That’s spring.

Honorable Mentions:

  • Hey, Nothing: “Like A Brother”. This is mostly an acoustic piece, but it has some of the best vocals I have ever heard. Such a serene song that’s perfect for spring. It truly is the sweetest love song I’ve heard in like a decade.
  • The Greeting Committee: “Make Out” .This is one of my favorite songs ever. Once again, a love song but it’s so fun. Very upbeat, there’s no other way to describe it than by saying it makes me want to crash my car and go for a run at the same time.
  • Peach Pit: “Thursday”. I said it once, I’ll say it again: Peach Pit is the musical embodiment of spring, and “Thursday” is here purely because it has been one of my top played songs this spring. Worth a listen, or two, maybe even twenty.
  • The Backseat Lovers: “Kilby Girl”. Lately, this song has been blowing up online and for good reason. “Kilby Girl” is the ultimate Mid-western, folk, indie-rock song that has ever been written.
  • Briston Maroney: “Paradise”. I will admit, this song leans a bit more towards summer song territory but is still an exciting taste of what I hope summer to be.
  • Wallows: “Sun Tan”. This would not be a music article written by JoAnn Snavely if I didn’t include a Wallows song. I’m sure you’re wondering, why a song about suntans if it isn’t quite the season for them? And to that, I say, consider it preparation. I don’t really have a proper justification for it, I just think it’s a fun song for springtime.
  • Twin Peaks: “Shake Your Lonely”. It is just a really serene song that has fun backing vocals. It’s just a happy song and is perfect for spring with its rocky guitar and fluttery drums.
  • Peter Mcpoland: “Digital Silence”. This is a newer song that came out a couple of weeks ago which makes it the perfect candidate for the spring. Its subtle political innuendos and rampant beat make for it to be the song of spring but also the song of the summer, fall, and rest of my life.

If these songs don’t quench your thirst for the most perfect composition of spring songs, I have compiled a collection of songs that are all truly perfect for this magnificent spring. Check out the playlist below:


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