By: Marlee Billiter

I’ve found comfort in a soft spoken, ethereal, and hyper-pop woman named Elusin.

Having moved from Norway to the United States, she saw firsthand how amazing it was compared to her native country. With her newfound blithe energy, she created some of the most interesting, epic, and differential music I have ever heard. 

Elusin first made her debut alongside witch house/emo rap icon Sematary in song ‘9 Scarecrows.’  She released her single, ‘Friends’ in 2019. Later, she came out with two singles: “Silhouette” and “Valley Love.” In September of 2022, she released her first album, announcing her cunningly unique sound. 

The album encompasses the idea of ethereality. Each song is blissful, exploring an undiscovered genre of music. My favorites include “Locked and Loaded” and “Up Up.” I would personally consider both of these songs genius, due to their simplicity yet impactful presence. 

The start of “Locked and Loaded” is this whirr of an incomprehensible sound, scraping noises making its way across the confusion. Almost like a record needle skipping. She angelically hums the back vocals as she sings in a delicate whisper. It’s entrapping. The lyrics are quite easy, nothing  masterful, but the sounds around it create what it is. Everything is so smooth. 

I put this song into a new playlist because I wanted to separate the angst I found within it and combine it with others of the same vein. 

I haven’t added anything else to this aforementioned playlist. It’s strictly composed of Elusin’s songs because no one else I have heard has been able to bring the width of emotion her music has. 

Her spotify discography is worth listening to as well. It’s short, consisting of Synfuels and three singles as of March 8, 2023. Each song is out of this world. Elusin has truly been able to capture the spirit of hyperpop, but turn it into something grimy, emotional, angsty, hard.. On Youtube and Soundcloud you can find the songs of hers with Sematary which are great in their own right, but Elusin just stands out as the fiercer artist. 

Not only does her music entrap the listener into a dream-like state, her vibe and style remind listeners of just how individual she is. 

After moving to the United States she took a liking to having freedom of her own. Her aesthetic is along the image of a girl in skimpy clothing holding a disproportionately sized gun. 

To further this idea, I chose a few images of hers that truly show her personality:

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Elusin on Spotify
Elusin on Spotify

To put it in the most simplistic of terms: it’s fire. Elusin is an icon, but not like your regular popstar artists. 

She’s okay with the limelight of not being a big name. She’s being herself, living the way she wants to and it’s awesome. She has a mindset that’s inspiring, to be who you want to be and thankful for


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