What Happened to 2 Weeks?

By: Marlee Billiter

I don’t think many people have realized the length of WCPSS’s Christmas break this year. I hadn’t either–let me tell you. I assumed it would be the original 2 weeks off like it’s been my entire life and everywhere else in the country. I was wrong. Instead, on what should be the start of our break, we have school Monday the 19th, Tuesday the 20th, and a half-day on Wednesday the 21st. 

It was just a couple days ago where I was sitting in my fourth period class, dreading the amount of things going on in life. But, Christmas break is just around the corner. Ever since Thanksgiving break, I’ve been telling myself, “Only 3 weeks left. You can do it.” I started looking at my calendar feeling joyous for this much needed time off, but something hit me. Earlier that day, my calculus teacher was talking about a test on the 20th, right before we leave for break. Scrolling through my calendar it made no sense, we should be off before then, it cuts into our two weeks. I start getting really confused, but notice my fourth period teacher has a school calendar on the wall. Let’s just say my reaction was not pleasant. 

I don’t think the public school system understands the need for breaks when you’re in high school. Breaks are mistaken as interruptions to education, required only because of holidays and what not, but they’re really what keeps our heads attached. Honestly, it’s the only thing keeping me from missing school more often. Highschoolers are burnt out by December. It’s been almost five months of constant stress and exhaustion. We’re tired, making every day of this last month a slog. 

Wake County has been making many decisions in the past couple years that are questionable–extremely angering to the point where I want to scream. Like moving to Canvas next year. I get it prepares us for college, but it’s one of the most complicated things to try and understand. Also, most teachers are still unsure about how to use the site.If teachers can’t communicate how to use the site, then how are students supposed to get it?

I’ve asked around a bit–and by asked around I mean brought up in an angry manner–to see if anyone knew about this shortened break. Shock was the overall reaction. No one knows. Everyone’s confused. Probably because something that’s been set in stone for decades is being torn apart.  I may be a little dramatic about this situation, but the anger that swelled inside me upon learning this information was too much. I’m so done with school at this point, and this only made it ten times worse.


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