The Ultimate Guide to Angel Numbers

By: Nicole Chedraoui 

Have you ever heard somebody say, “it’s 11:11 make a wish!” Or perhaps you find yourself looking at the clock every day at 2:22 or 4:44? If so, you may be shocked to learn that there is a real spiritual significance to these repetitive numbers you see on your phone or parking spot. In numerology, expert historicists titled these coincidental occurrences as “the angel number phenomenon.” Angel numbers can be defined as a sequence of numbers that contain direct repetition, usually in a sequence of 3 to 4 numbers (such as 111 or 222.) Angel numbers may also include patterns such as 1234 or 4545. While these numbers are seen in ordinary settings in our everyday life, they often inspire a sense of curiosity in an individual who repeatedly sees the same numbers everyday. It is believed that the spotting of these numbers in your daily life (or repetitive spotting of them) are messages from the spiritual universe that often serve to give an individual insight or guidance for their current circumstances. Whether you assign these numbers to the presence of spirits, angels, or guides, the numbers’ general purpose is to provide direction to the viewer. Once you learn the meaning behind the numbers that you constantly run into on your day-to-day routine, you may find that perhaps there is a higher power trying to shed light on certain recurring themes. 

Numerology and the Origins of Angel Numbers 

I know what you may be thinking, numbers are trying to give me advice about my life? How outlandish! Because angel numbers are a phenomenon that experiences a large amount of skepticism, I thought it may be helpful to go into the basics of where everything truly came from—back to the basics, if you will. According to popularized lore, angel numbers seem to date back to the New Age era and exist because of the creation of numerology. While we don’t know for certain who is accredited to this phenomenon, we know there is only one person in particular who heavily influenced the invention: Pythagoras. I’m almost positive everyone has heard of him, but if you haven’t, you should know that Pythagoras was responsible for developing one of the most widely used forms of numerology. 

Born in Greece in 569 B.C., Pythagoras and all of his followers were known to be mathematicians, musicians, or philosophy students. Many began to believe and follow the teachings of Pythagoras when he discovered that you will always get a squared number after adding together a certain number of odd numbers. A certain degree of number mysticism was created from this discovery, and it was then that Pytahgoras concluded that everything on Earth can be described using numbers and measurements. It was from this that “The Fibonacci Sequence” was created, and the idea was set in stone that the entire universe could be reduced to a numerical value. Pythagoras essentially created numerology, which is where he and his followers described numerical numbers in non-numerical ways. While this may seem weird, Pythagoras and his followers began describing numbers through intuition and mysticism. For example, his numerology suggested that odd numbers represented masculine energy and even numbers were imagined to be feminine. The number 2 for example represented female duality, and the number 3 represented male energy. While this mentality fell off after Pythagoras’ death, it was revived in the 1800’s by a woman named L. Dow Balliet who published a variety of texts based on Pythagoras’ theories. Her texts generally suggested that all numbers had vibrations, music, and colors (like everything in the universe). Balliet argued that in order to live in harmony, one must live their daily life (talking, behaving, eating, sleeping) in harmony with their desired path of pursuit. Like many numerologists, Balliet believed that vibration is a result of the movement of subatomic particles, and because many did not come to believe this claim, Numerology was soon labeled a Pseudo-Science. 

From his invention, the first angel number that came to the popular forefront was the sequence of “555” being regarded as a symbol for change, redemption, passion, and a purpose to move closer to God. Experts are all in agreement that the Christian Bible heavily attached biblical references to certain number sequences. As you may imagine, this has led many to inquire if the Bible inspired the meanings retained from angel numbers. 

An Angel Number Cipher Guide 

Now that we know some of the background of what an angel number is and where they came from, it’s only appropriate I give a breakdown of what each angel number sighting means for you. So now the next time you come across these number sequences, you can come back here to learn more about what these sightings mean. 

000 or 0000: If you are to witness the repetitive sequence of 0’s in your everyday life, this signifies a fresh start is brewing for you, and new opportunities are just beyond the horizon. You may find yourself at the beginning of a new cycle of life,and you should keep an open mind to change and variety. 

111 or 1111: Remember that horrible era of middle school where everybody would take a screenshot of 11:11 on SnapChat and post it to their main story? Here’s why! 1111 actually signifies a period of all-powerful manifestation. Now is the time to manifest and set your intentions! The viewing of repetitive 1111 is a light shining down at you from the universe to signify to you that your manifestations are being heard, and to continue setting your intentions to reach your highest desired self. 

222 or 2222: If you are somebody who finds yourself running into a sequence of 2’s, the spirits are telling you to trust the universe. You need to trust that everything will find alignment, balance will be ensured, and everything will be okay if you ultimately trust the process. 222 suggests that there is a presence (guide, spirit, angel) that is helping you reach where you ultimately need to be. 

333 or 3333: A person who repeatedly comes across 333 may be struggling to make a big decision or take action in a certain area of their life; however, the viewer of this message should not be discouraged because witnessing the 3’s simply means that guardian spirits are helping you along to guide you towards self-acceptance during conflicts and hardship. When many come to a crossroads about what to do next, it may be hard to move forward; this angel number is a reminder to the viewer to take action and steer their life in the best direction that suits them. 

444 or 4444: If you view a sequence of 4’s, the universe is trying to tell you that you are exactly where you need to be. It’s an assurance from your angel guides that you are on the right path, and that your angels are there to guide you through discouragement. The 4’s are here to tell you to keep persevering. 

555 or 5555: When a sequence of 5’s are seen, it signifies that change is most definitely on the horizon. This is a hopeful message for those who may feel stuck–feel rest assured that change and variety are on its way. 

666 or 6666: While many may associate these numbers with the devil, the meaning of this angel number is actually one of empathy and support. This sequence signifies the importance of treating yourself with kindness and remembering to be patient on your journey. 

777 or 7777: A sequence of 7’s is cut and dry–good luck. It’s like picking a four leaf clover; if you see this sequence, you my friend are about to experience some good fortune. Lots of times this can be interpreted in terms such as finances, love, relationships, etc. 

888 or 8888: The 8 sequence is actually the divine sequence of numerology. Those who commonly view this sequence are said to have the strongest connection to the spiritual universe. Usually when this pattern is viewed, it is for the purpose of signifying that perhaps a loved one you have lost has crossed over– a sign of love and support from those who love you beyond this Earth. 

999 or 9999: Being the final digit in numerology, the sequence of 9’s represents something coming to an end. For now, a cycle will be closing, and a new era of life will be opening up for you. 

Some Abnormal Angel Numbers: 

1212: Those who witness this set of numbers, perhaps maybe as a time of day, can expect a surge of feelings around joy, prosperity, and contentment. Many see these numbers when they have already reached these feelings in life, but many also view them when they are about to reach these feelings. 

4545: If you see the repeating numbers of 4545, your angel guides are telling you to embrace the aspects of your life that will truly upgrade who you are. Most of the time, this means that perhaps you should make some life changes, cut off some things/people that bring you unhappiness, or try and give a shot at new experiences that will help you achieve your highest self. 

5252: If you see this sequence of numbers, the angels are trying to teach you a lesson about relationships and forgiveness. Perhaps there is someone in your life that hurt you someway, the angels are telling you that now is the time to practice forgiveness so you can move on. 

1414: If you find yourself constantly stumbling upon 1414, it’s time that you begin to take some time for yourself. You need to start focusing on your own needs and wants, and start prioritizing you over others. 

So there you have it folks, your full guide to understanding the historical significance and presence of angel numbers and numerology in every-day-life. I hope you all enjoyed today’s spiritual lesson, and maybe now you can decipher the meaning behind the numbers you find yourself catching during your daily routine. Leave a comment down below if you’ve ever seen a repetitive angel number! 


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