Requiem For A King

After 8 long years at Heritage, I hate to break the news but Mr. King will be leaving us. He has decided to put his administrative degree to use by becoming a principal at Cedar Creek Middle School. He feels as if he’s done the most he can do to help students grow in the classroom and now is a time to move on. He’s reached his ceiling. Inspired by Frederick Douglass’s famous words, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” He has decided that it is time to take on the latter of the responsibilities. 

Not to mention, Cedar Creek was where he started his teaching career and would like to return his roots. He’d like to go somewhere where his services can be more helpful and there is less human capital. Coming to Heritage, he found himself with a philosophical struggle that he was teaching at a school with a greater socioeconomic disparity. That being said, over time he’s grown past this issue and now loves his position at the school. But like all good things, they must eventually come to an end. King has told me, “Leave it while you love it.” 

He enjoys that the school has enabled him to find himself as a teacher and given him a greater sense of purpose than any other school he’s taught at. Let’s all embrace the good times we have with him while we can. 


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