Wheels vs. Doors

By: Ava Breemes

One evening after work, I sat down and started scrolling through TikTok. To my surprise, there were three videos in a row talking about wheels and doors. Knowing that this must have been a new trend or argument, I went to Twitter and found the top-trending hashtag, #WheelsvsDoors. The internet was going crazy over whether there were more wheels or doors in the world, each side was arguing back and forth with new facts being presented every Tweet. This debate had made its way to each social media platform and soon into school hallways and family dinner tables. I spent about a week arguing my opinion, yet everyday it seemed to change as new facts were presented. Let’s take a look at each side’s argument and why they would fight until the death to prove themselves right. 

When I first found out about this debate, I immediately took sides with Team Door. Doors are found everywhere, from skyscrapers to cars to houses. Some even argued the fact that there are millions of locker doors in gyms and schools. In the tallest skyscraper alone, there are 17,000 doors! Each building has many doors, and there are over 473 billion structures in the world. Team Door also used the argument of 107 billion coffins having doors, but Team Wheel quickly argued that coffins do not have doors, they have lids.

I slowly began to shift to Team Wheels as I realized the average car has five wheels and four doors. The steering wheel counts as the fifth wheel and some started to argue that the spare tire on some cars counts as a wheel. Team Doors quickly shut that argument down because tires by themselves, such as ones sitting around in the dump, do not count as actual wheels since they aren’t connected to an axle. Team Wheels also made the argument that even though hotels and skyscrapers have many doors, each door leads to a room with rolly chairs which contain four wheels on each. Wheels are also found on HotWheels and Legos produce over 381 million wheels a year. There was also an argument that door hinges include wheels, but Team Door has tried to beat this argument by saying it merely supports the door but doesn’t move the door places. 

This debate took the internet by a storm and made everyone think critically as peoples opinions were persuaded and disproven. Unfortunately, we will never know if there are more wheels or doors in the world, but we do know that there are way too many to count! Maybe one day we will all come to a consensus, but until then it’s still up to you to decide: Are you Team Wheels or Team Doors?


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