Heritage Theater Presents: Frozen Jr. !

By: Ava Breemes

Heritage High School Theater’s production of Frozen Jr. opens on March 5th! This magical show will whisk you into a world filled with ice, snow, and a talking snowman, of course. The cast has been working tirelessly to prepare this breathtaking production, and with the show being a few days away, the excitement has begun to build.

Frozen Jr. is directed by Bryan Phoebus and choreographed by Reaghan Given, a team that works hard to make their vision come to life. Throughout the past few months, they have been working on the large group numbers, placing over 50 people in formations and teaching them choreography. You will see numbers ranging from “Dangerous to Dream”, a dignified scene as Elsa is crowned Queen of Arendelle, to “Fixer Upper”, an upbeat, groovy dance of the Hidden Folk Trolls. 

Coming out to support your friends and family in this show will make it all the better! You will see some familiar faces, such as Alease Denoia as Elsa, Zoe Kirsch as Anna, Micah Hollway as Kristoff, Leah Canterbury as Olaf, and so many more! Being a lead in a production is exciting, but it requires a lot of work. Leads have been staying after school to block their scenes and memorize their lines. It takes a lot of time and effort, but their passion for theater shows why they received the role. Ensemble members are one of the most important parts of the show as well, as they add acting and dancing to the number to help tell the story. 

Costumes and props are one of the most important parts of making a show come to life. Scrolling through Amazon for hours and renting costumes from companies is part of the behind the scenes work that happens months beforehand. When the costumes are delivered, they are fitted to the cast and some parts of the costume are even made by hand! This show has costumes ranging from ball gowns to bathrobes, allowing each number to tell a different story as needed. Props and special effects also play a vital role in Frozen Jr., as ice, snow, and magic help the show come to life. A large LED wall was installed onstage to help create larger than life scenes with roll-on props changing after each scene. Despite the array of technology being used, Elsa’s magic will never be revealed 🙂

Frozen Jr. is a show you will not want to miss! Shows dates and times include March 5th at 2PM and 7PM, March 6th at 2PM and 7PM, March 10th at 7PM, March 11th at 7PM, March 12th and 2PM and 7PM, and March 13th 2PM and 7PM. The cast has been working hard and has made this production truly spectacular. For more information, check the Heritage Theater website and click on the link below to purchase your tickets!

Ticket Link: https://gofan.co/app/school/NC25560_1

Website: https://linktr.ee/HHSTHEATER


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