National Loner’s Day

By: Hailey Costar

Photo by Monstera on

I love love! There truly is nothing else that makes me happier than seeing people find joy from their favorite person. Valentine’s Day is the biggest celebration of love in the world! Nothing is better than that romantic Valentines Day present, date, or moment, am I right? Valentine’s Day is so special for couples, but what do single, lonely people do?

    Fun fact, I am extremely single. Out of my 18 years of life, I’ve only had 1 Valentine…ohhh, eighth grade. How on Earth have I survived 17 single Valentine’s Days?! Think about it, every February 14th, I wake up and see a flood of loving couple-y posts. Must feel great to realize how I am NOT in that situation right?! Well, actually I feel happy. Seeing these couples share their love brings me peace that there is love in a broken world. We all know how hate and conflicts fuel society, but what if we used that energy on loving each other? Food for thought. 

    You might be wondering, what one does on Valentine’s Day if they’re single? I wake up, remember it’s the most lovable day of the year, get ready, put on a festive outfit, eat something with pink or chocolate, treat myself to a coffee or special drink, spend time with loved ones, the list goes on! Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples, personally it’s better if you’re single, and here’s why: you don’t have to spend money on another person, you don’t have to worry about coming up with the most extravagant post or gift or message, you don’t have to worry about overdoing or under doing anything, and you get to embrace YOURSELF! If I’m being honest, the money I save from not spending money on someone else, I typically use to book myself a nail appointment. Treating yourself is so important, and while it should be a regular occurrence, it is extra special on the 14th.

    I searched up the true definition of valentine … “a card sent, often anonymously, on St. Valentine’s Day (February 14) to a person one loves or is attracted to”. When extracting the meaning of this definition, I realized that having a valentine doesn’t necessarily mean having a relationship partner. The use of the word “anonymous” made me realize that anyone can be someone’s “valentine”. If you feel love for someone and show it, then you have a valentine. For example, I am single. I have no partner. You know what I do have though? I have friends, family, and a dog! I love all of them, typically writing little notes on the morning of Valentines. Am I truly single on Valentine’s Day? I know for sure that I am NOT a loner.

    My future college roommate said this to me and it changed my perspective on the holiday of love. “Why should there only be one day a year to share your love for someone”? In other words, is there a reason why the love we feel should only be recognized one day of the whole year? Valentine’s Day can be a special day for singles or couples, but instead of being the root of love, maybe it should be a reminder to evaluate the way you treat yourself and others. 

    My opinion on Valentine’s Day is positive and optimistic, not far off from my already happy vibe. I wanted to understand why many single people despise Valentine’s Day, and here’s what they said: the holiday overall reminds them about how single they are. They don’t get a “wake up, my lovely valentine” text from their romantic partner. They see the pictures ALL over instagram, and cringe. They receive the pity “be mine” cards that EVERYONE receives. Is the holiday a little forced?

    Am I unrealistic? Am I insane for enjoying my single-ness? Valentine’s Day is the ultimate holiday! Whether you’re single, lonely, in love, or in a relationship, the holiday is a chance for everyone to take time to understand who they love and what they love. Valentine’s Day… the season of loveeeee!


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