What IS Gendered Fashion?

Has Fashion Become an Art Form?

I have a few questions…What is the first thing that comes to mind when you picture the perfect outfit? For myself, I think of a pair of baggy jeans, white sneakers, and an oversized crewneck. Okay next question, what do you think my gender is? Are you stuck? What if I said that my crewneck was pastel pink? Navy blue? Forest green? Mustard yellow? Can you guess? Don’t worry I’ll tell you. I identify as a female. Are you shocked or surprised based on my perfect outfit description? What if I said I’m a male… would that change your reaction? I’ll help you… the answer should be no. Why should my outfit choice determine my gender, or my gender determine my outfit choice? 

    In a typical clothing store, there are two sides–the side for men’s clothing and the side for womens, separated and assigned to the roles society has given us. Why, though? Why does the gender of a person determine what side of a store they should shop? To be honest, gender is a personal preference, it isn’t necessarily a permanent identity. With that being said, people are born into a specific sex in which their body chemistry is arranged, but the gender in which they identify as is and should be completely up to them… as should their choice in fashion. What even is a more “masculine” style versus one that is more “feminine”. There are so many different body types, shapes, and styles. Coming from a female, I prefer to wear men’s clothing because I like the boxy, oversized fit. I know men who choose to wear womens blouses and tops because they like the shape provided. Clothes are meant to make people feel confident and comfortable. We shouldn’t feel restricted because of a gender label and created identity. 

    Would you call me crazy if I said that women weren’t socially allowed to wear pants until the early 1900’s… just about 100 years ago. Think about it, humans have been around for 2000+ years, and pants have only been socially accepted for women in the last 100 years… zoinks! On top of that, do you see many men wearing skirts and being accepted by society? Why is that? If all clothing and fashion styles were seen as equal, I believe there would be an influx of overall self-esteem and confidence.

    Luckily it’s 2022; so much has changed in the way we view ourselves and view people. It is truly incredible to see gender barriers in the fashion industry being taken down each moment, whether it’s big or small. Nowadays, because of social media, influencers, artists, actors, etc. are beginning to embrace their true style. This helps us as a humanity open our minds and pique our interests in what we are drawn to rather than what society wants us to be. Harry Styles- we all love him and want to be him… and, dare I say, adore him?! In the most recent years, Harry has bent all gender norms with his tasteful and elaborate style. In the 2021 December issue of Vogue Magazine, posted in November, Harry comes out in the most beautiful dress. This elaborate piece of clothing shocked the whole world if we’re being honest… This man, a very FAMOUS man, is on the cover of Vogue Magazine in a dress?! Thank you Harry is all I have to say. The dress not only is a symbol of gender-bending fashion, but it represents change and a fresh look for upcoming fashion generations. The garment isn’t gendered, it has masculine and feminine aspects which ties nicely into a beautiful combination of style. The response to this post was almost 100% positive which leads me to believe that this is the start of a new wave. 

    The question we all want to know is WHAT IS GENDERED FASHION?! I truly believe that with time, fashion has become more of an art form than a way to cover up and hide our unpleasant parts of the body. The clothes we wear compliment our lives and have transformed into a way of life. Fashion has no gender. Gender has no gender, the world is limitless so get out there and get styling.


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