The Ultimate Feel Good Playlist

By: Nicole Chedraoui 

Warning: Major vibes ahead 

If there is one thing people of all generations can bond over, it’s the gift that is music. I am willing to bet that every single Gen Z’er who is reading this article right now has at some point in their life created a music playlist with the word “vibe” in the title. I would go as far to say that if you haven’t done this–you were born into the wrong generation. Nowadays the word “vibe” is far more than just an noun, more just a feeling, no, it is a full body experience. Have you ever heard a song that just emits a certain energy that is capable of overflowing your brain with endorphins? The songs that give you full body chills and make you feel like you’re cruising down the highway in a retro ruby-red convertible. Coming across songs like these is so rare, and usually the best ones are ones that are unknown and hard to find,  however, I’m a giver. Today I decided that I want to create the ultimate vibe playlist, filled with irresistible songs, that given any circumstance, will make your day at least ten times better. Let’s do it. 

  1. “Better” By: ZAYN 

I know what you’re thinking. ZAYN! He’s not underground! He was in one of the most popular boy bands of the 2000’s. However–hear me out. This song is unlike any pop song Zayn has ever written, and I would go as far to say it’s actually quite indie. This is a song that you will recognize within the first three notes, and that initial introduction is enough to make your soul feel just a bit lighter. Zayn’s silky runs combined with a heavy bass and a beat drop that makes you want to bounce your head so hard it falls off, ultimately created one of the vibiest songs I have ever heard. 

  1. “Younger” By: Ruel 

This may be the most satisfying song to ever grace my eardrums. For some ridiculous reason I will never understand, some peasants have never heard of Ruel before, which is absolutely MIND BOGGLING considering he is the vibier version of Shawn Mendes. “Younger” by Ruel is the perfect combination of heartbreaking (but scarily relatable) lyrics, combined with the vibiest beat I have ever heard. However, when you hear this song, it will never make you feel sad because Ruel’s beautiful vocals combined with a head-smashing beat weirdly makes you feel… empowered. It’s a song that must be listened to with your best friend while you’re flailing around your bedroom screaming-singing after a break up (or honestly whenever let’s be honest).

  1. “Never Enough” By: Rex Orange County 

“Never Enough” by Rex Orange County (Alex O’Connell), may be the most confusing song to ever be released in the history of music. Because while it emits brain splintering, absolutely EARTH SHATTERING vibes, the lyrics are all types of depressing. This is the picture-esque definition of a song that you would blast with your friends with the windows down and the wind blowing past your hands while driving down country roads. This song makes you feel alive. It makes you feel weightless and free of all problems and responsibilities. It makes you feel like you’re a teenager in a coming of age movie, and it makes you feel real and present and grounded. I wholeheartedly believe it is impossible to not sing or dance along to this songs’ hypnotic beat.  

  1. “Afterglow” By: THE DRIVER ERA 

I thank Jesus every day for helping me discover the underground band THE DRIVER ERA. The only word I can even articulate to remotely describe the absolute vibes this song emits, is groovy. The beat of this song is so strong and magnetic that you can guarantee that every passenger in the car will secretly be bobbing their heads when you have the aux. It’s simple yet trendy chorus makes you feel like you’re floating in sweet vocals and a harmonious keyboard. This piece of art is the epitome of a feel good tune. 

  1. “Pleaser” By: Wallows 

Unless you have been living under an indie-less rock for the past two years, you’ve probably heard one of your friends talk about the blessing that it Wallows. I first heard this song in 7th grade, while I was studying for one of the hardest tests I would ever take in my middle school experience. So as you could imagine, I was stressed. That was until I heard the first few silky vocals of Dylan Minnette play through my Chromebook. However when the chorus hit, something struck inside of me, this song was simply fantastic. The beginning was soft and slow and then out of nowhere the chorus knocked my socks off with a heavy metal-esk beat and lyrics that hit just a little bit too close to home. As someone who has been a people-pleaser my whole life this song hit just a little bit different. However no matter your personality, not a single human can ever tell me this song is anything less than vibes. 

  1. “Miss you” By: Louis Tomlinson 

“Miss You” is a prime example of how Louis Tomlinson did not lose his knack for song writing after leaving the world-famous British (and Irish) boyband One Direction. The first time hearing this song–is a spiritual experience. The intro is abrupt, to say the very least, with abrasive electric guitar and unapologetic lyrics sung from Louis’ heavenly high pitched voice. This is a song that you recognize within the very first second, and it’s a song that you immediately must turn to maximum volume in order to properly enjoy. It is no secret that this song is about recovering from a break-up, and the hardship that comes with missing the love of your life, however the way Louis went about this is truly *chef’s kiss.* This song captures the absolute essence of letting yourself go, and letting yourself be absolutely free, and reckless, and in summary, party away your feelings. Now do not get me wrong, I cannot contain reckless behavior, however listening to the absolute freedom and weightlessness that Tomlinson expresses in the chorus, is a better feeling than partying. However the song always relates back to the fact that no matter how much he tries to forget, he will always miss the love of his life. This song is an absolute banger, that you MUST listen to with your windows down and your hand flopping out the window. 

I hope I could be of some help to my fellow music and vibes lovers out there! So the next time you are handed the aux in the car, here are some suggestions that will get the whole car bumpin. 


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