101 Reasons I Will be Moving to the United Kingdom

By: JoAnn Snavely

America: the “greatest” country on Earth–unless you’re a minority. 

America: one of the “safest” places in the world until you look at statistics.

America is one of the largest countries in the world holding some of the largest groups of people. America is fun and all, but I really want to move away. My bags would be packed in a heartbeat if I was given the opportunity. If I was asked where it was I wanted to “run away” to, I would tell you the United Kingdom before you could finish your sentence. It just is the perfect option to turn to, especially with the turmoil America is in right now. I could list a ton of reasons why I want to move to the UK, and so that is exactly what I am doing this week:

  1. British accents are so fun.
  2. It’s prettier there.
  3.  The schools are really beautiful.
  4.  The metric system.
  5.  I could develop a British accent
  6.  Other European countries are easily accessible.
  7.  Schools are cheaper there.
  8.  Queen Elizabeth is immortal.
  9.  Queen Elizabeth is literally one of the most amazing humans in the world.
  10.  The royal drama is everything.
  11.  The healthcare system is among the best in the world.
  12.  British humor is so perfect.
  13.  I’m part British (like ¼ but who’s counting?).
  14.  Legal drinking age of 18.
  15.  There is such a rich history and culture behind the United Kingdom.
  16.  The food.
  17.  The “scenery”.
  18.  Robert Pattinson.
  19. Holidays.
  20.  Harry Styles.
  21. Yungblud.
  22.  One Direction.
  23.  Being in the remote presence of the queen.
  24.  Arctic Monkeys.
  25.  I just want to call fries “chips”.
  26.  Drive on the left side on the road.
  27. There most likely won’t be a civil war after every election. 
  28.  Harry Potter, that’s my sole reason.
  29.  TRAINS.
  30.  Parliamentary sounds so fancy.
  31.  Buying things in pounds is so fun to say.
  32.  Imagine getting called “luv” or “darling” in a British accent.
  33.  The old people are so cute.
  34.  Little cottages.
  35.  Tea.
  36.  Just Tea.
  37.  Cheaper groceries. 
  38.  Just a cheaper way of life.
  39.  Beautiful cities.
  40.  My family has a castle there.
  41.  David Bowie.
  42.  Iconic pop culture.
  43.  CHAVS.
  44.  The Beatles.
  45.  Abbey Road.
  46.  Ed Sheeran.
  47.  The 1975.
  48.  Nicer weather, if you like clouds and rain.
  49.  Big Ben.
  50.  London Eye solving Princess Diana’s murder.
  51.  Meghan Markle.
  52.  Everything seems so much fancier.
  53.  School shootings aren’t as common.
  54.  Jaywalking is legal.
  55.  You can sell eggs at a supermarket without washing them.
  56.  Even though the queen is immortal, if she dies, we get 2 weeks off.
  58.  No income taxes.
  59.  Gun control.
  60.  Soliciting is legal.
  61.  More natural food.
  62.  Lighting fireworks in your backyard.
  63.  Vote at 16.
  64.  Everything is legal at 18 except driving.
  65.  Price is on the item, no hidden fees.
  66.  Food coloring is illegal.
  67.  Funky outlets.
  68.  No political ads.
  69.  Less homeless populations.
  70.  No deserts.
  71.  No highways.
  72. No volcanoes. 
  73.  Police don’t have guns.
  74.  Less mortgage.
  75.  Less natural disasters.
  76.  Hot weather is rare.
  77.  No more medication ads.
  78.  Motorcycle safety.
  79.  They have fun word differences.
  80.  No one tips in the UK.
  81.  Football isn’t a United Kingdom culture.
  82.  Police brutality numbers lower.
  83.  Mentally ill people can’t purchase guns!
  84.  Cheaper healthcare.
  85.  Better day format DD/MM/YY
  86.  Lower murder rates.
  87.  Cadbury chocolate.
  88.  Minimum 28 paid vacation days yearly.
  89.  The Great British Bake Off.
  90.  Accessible public transport.
  91.  BBC.
  92.  Free contraception.
  93.  Climate Change Act.
  94.  It’s an island.
  95.  Swearing is more common.
  96.  Adding “u” to words.
  97.  Saying “maths”.
  98.  Washing machines in kitchens.
  99.  Weird food habits.
  100. Saying x at the end of things
  101. Even without reasons, I will still be moving to the United Kingdom.

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