Our Husky: Alexa Jimenez Escribano

By: A’Breya Young 

High School is a crucial period in a person’s life. As freshmen transition into a self-sufficient environment, they will look to upperclassmen, shadowing their every move. Through these 4 years, students work to make a lasting impression. One particular Husky has made a profound impact on her peers and our school’s history. Through her hard work and dedication, this young lady received full rides to UNC and NC State, making it the first time any Husky has been granted both the Morehead Cain and Park  Scholarships. This lady is Ms. Alexa Jimenez Escribano.

Working to the Top

Alexa Jimenez Escribano is a senior at Heritage High School who plans to major in Biomedical Engineering. Recently, I sat down with Alexa to discuss her plans as she’s shifting into the next phase of her life–college. During our conversation, it was revealed that she’d taken around 9 AP classes in the span of 4 school years. The rigor behind that many AP classes can essentially establish a healthy fear of failure, but this didn’t stop Alexa from slaying these academic beasts. Despite all the long and tiring nights, Alexa still supported her classmates and offered her services to Heritage.

The Aid 

From the beginning of her Freshman year, Alexa was a peer tutor who mainly served in assisting ESL (English as a Second Language) students. Through the deeds of supporting her peers, she was later selected by staff to become a Husky Diplomat, Junior Staff, and Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership member. One of the things Alexa expressed were her concerns in modeling the impression of being a leader. Joining the HOBY club revealed to her that being an introvert isn’t an excuse for hiding your unique skills in leadership. In gaining this revelation, Alexa became Secretary of Heritage’s National Achievers Society chapter and President of both the Health Occupation Students of America’s (HOSA)  and Spanish Honors Society chapters. Even outside of Heritage, this young lady has left her mark, competing in the LatinxEd 20 Under 20 listmakers and being a panelist at the 2019 NC Public School Forum Eggs and Issues Breakfast. Although Alexa shows great promise, her ethnic background is considered to be imprinted in everything she has done. 

Taking the Credit 

After Alexa was acknowledged for receiving scholarships, she described it as a double-edged sword. Although she’s shown to have great potential, some would discredit her by seeing her race as a gateway to being so successful. But in reality, culturally-based clubs helped Alexa realize that being a minority shouldn’t raise doubts about someone’s intellectual capacities. With students like Alexa being fully devoted to their education, prominent stereotypes can be slowly wiped away. 

The Whole Package

Responsible, ambitious, kind, reliable, and dedicated— all Alexa! Her contribution to Heritage High and her community shines a light over her future. Even with going through some hard trials, Alexa didn’t cave in, and she came out stronger. Heritage is lucky to have such a great student, and any college would be, too. 


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