Is It Good for a Person to Change?

By: Halie Holland

When someone is faced with change, they’re often conflicted on whether it’s great or not so great. People typically associate change with something negative because that’s just what everyone does right? However, experiencing a change in your life is not necessarily a bad thing just because everyone else thinks it is. 

 For example, have you ever been told that you’ve “changed?” If you’re like most people, your mind went right down the gutter, and you were immediately offended. What was that supposed to mean? As time goes on, through, and you begin to mature, change begins to be less of an “OH CRAP” kind of moment. 

Change is necessary for all of us to grow into the people we are destined to become in this life of ours. If you are gradually making positive changes to your life that are making you a better person each day, then how is that even close to being something negative? Yes, change can be scary at first, but what’s meant to be will happen and, at the end of the day, should change you for the better.

You have every right to change and improve yourself from the person you were years ago, weeks ago, or even the person you were yesterday. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, else has the power to take that away from you. So, if you want to do something like changing your hair color, changing your style, or changing your friend group, never feel guilty. If changing things about of your life is going to make you happier in the long run, then do it! At the end of the day, we’re all human beings who are just destined for change. 

How boring would our lives be if things always stayed the same? I don’t know about you, but I need the adrenaline, the new experiences, and the change in order to be a happier and fulfilled individual. 



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