Is Juice WRLD Dead? Is Anyone Dead?

Written by Vivian Shillingsburg

As you probably already know, our beloved Juice WRLD, one of the most influential artists of this music era, passed away on December 8th. Or did he? A popular TikTok trend and a ghostly tweet from just a couple years ago say otherwise. It’s just so hard to believe that he’s really gone, but many fans don’t think he is. I know it sounds absolutely insane, but hear me out. I know that he is really gone, but these conspiracies are crazy, and maybe, just maybe, there is some truth to them. 

Let’s start from the very root of these conspiracies. In April, 2017, Juice WRLD posted a tweet that no one really thought much about until now. The tweet said “My goal is to get overly famous, shine for a couple of  years. . . then fake my death”. I didn’t believe it, so I went to find it. It took me about 10 minutes before I found it, but I did, and it’s real. This is the most clear and obvious “hint” that people have been referring to. Many people believe that it’s just too obvious not to be a hoax. 

Another eerie “clue” that Juice’s death was “faked” in the Chicago Midway Airport, was  the TikTok trend that started over a month before his death. The sound was from his popular song “Lucid Dreams”, but the music skipped in the middle, where TikTokers would fake a seizure with water coming out of their mouth. The TikTok trend was highly disliked because it was disrespectful, but now, it’s on a whole different level of disrespect. TikTokers are being criticised, and many videos have been taken down. Many more TikToks have been made to highlight the theories and send respects. 

The least noticeable, yet most uncanny of these theories is the subtle hints that he has left in a couple of his songs. Though less apparent, they do say a lot. The one with more background and doesn’t make as much sense is a line in his song “All Girls are the Same” when he says “I’m a jealous boy, really feel like John Lennon.”This line is just a play on John Lennon’s song “Jealous Guy”, but they both have the same death date, which is really weird. Another potential hint that he could have dropped was in his song “Legend” when he says “We ain’t makin’ it past 21,” which is the age that he died. People have been obsessing over Juice WRLD’s lyrics trying to find more lines that imply a fake or planned death. 

These conspiracies are just ideas. There is no way to prove it. The people that were on the plane with him before he had the seizure said that he took some questionable pills on the plane to Chicago to get back at enforcement for attempting to take his drugs away. For a couple months now, it has been rumored that he had been attempting to get clean, so many fans believe that the drugs were planted to practically force him to give into his temptation. It’s also believed that his death was either planned or an accident from the Illuminati, which could possibly link his death to other celebrities like XXXTentacion, Mac Miller, and even Cameron Boyce.

Many people think that these celebs are linked based on their last Instagram post. All of the celebrities who have recently died either have only one eye showing in the picture or they’re making a triangle with their hand, and sometimes, like in the case of Juice, they have both. Most of them were said to be a part of the Illuminati, which has lead to most of these theories. So many famous people like Tupac, Michael Jackson, and Prince were said to be a part of the Illuminati, and theorized that the Illuminati had something to do with their deaths.

Whether these conspiracies are true or not, they are totally crazy to learn about. It would be so awesome if Juice is still alive, but for now. . . R.I.P Juice WRLD.


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