How to Read Your Boogers

Written by Vivian Shillingsburg

Reading the title of this article, you’re probably thinking that I had some sort of a mental break down and thought this would be an amazing idea for an article, however, that’s not the case. The editors of the Herald thought it would be a fun learning experience to assign us each a random topic, and this is the one I got, and I plan to blow the snot out of this article!

Background on Boogers

When you think of boogers, you think of the gross slimy stuff that kids pick out of their noses and either eat it or wipe it on the closest thing. . .or person (yuck!) If your boogers are runny and green you probably have a sinus infection. If they are clear and liquidy you have a cold. These are just some facts, but how does your normal, everyday booger portray who you are as a person?

The Crusty Ones

Crusty boogers usually form when you are sleeping, especially when you have a cold. This is due to your steady breathing pattern and there is less movement than when you are awake. When you wake up, you can feel them sitting on the insides of your nostrils, and when you blow your nose, they come out. It is a nice open feeling. If your boogers are usually like this, you have to wake up. You’re probably sleeping during class or you just breath with a weird steady way. 

Big, Slimy, and Green

If your snot is big, slimy, and green, you more than likely have a sinus infection. If you always have this problem, you must have a really weak immune system. You should probably see a doctor about that as soon as possible. 

There’s Nothing Up There!!!

If your nose is always dry, there’s a good chance you finger is up there way too often and that’s just really gross. However, if you’ve had trouble stopping the habit, you might have a compulsive disorder. Many people with OCD, tend to pick their skin, nails, head, and of course, their nose. If that’s the case, maybe try a fidget toy or sitting on your hands. It can be a hard habit to break, so it’s ok if it takes a while, but you should probably stop as soon as possible cause people don’t react well when they see people picking their nose. 

Oh No! There’s Blood!

Don’t panic, you aren’t dying. If there is some blood mixed in with your snot, that just means you have a cold and there is pressure on your nasal passage ways. This is also what causes a nose bleed. If either of these occur, just take some cold medicine and get some rest. You’ll be good as new in no time.


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