Kanye West Announces He’ll Be Exploring the World of Country Music

By: Elizabeth Klein

Good news for those who feel conflicted about enjoying both “Old Town Road” and the musical stylings of Kanye West: Ye is looking to expand his horizons and become the world’s biggest country star.


You heard it right. Yeezus is becoming a Yee Yee. Apparently, conquering the world of rap was not enough for Kanye; last week in an interview with the Herald, he expressed an interest in crossing over to country. “My music needs to reflect what’s important in my life,” he told us. “Right now, that’s my truck, my girl, and my beer, in that order. Oh, and my blue jeans, of course.”


But Kanye is not one to follow the crowd, and if you think he’ll succumb to the simplicity of the four-chord instant hits of Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean, you’d be surely wrong. When asked what inspired the transition to this genre, West had two words for us:

“Willie Nelson.”

He refused to elaborate. And honestly, need he say any more?

Kim Kardashian says she believes in her husband 100%. “Kanye is a genius,” she said. “If anyone can make the difficult transition from rap to county, well, it’s probably Jay Z ‘cause he can afford the setback. But right behind him is Kanye, for sure.”

The social media star plans to show her support by using her influencer status to bring pickup trucks to the West Coast and popularize the farmer’s tan. She’s also partnering with dirt and water to bring KKW Mud into the modern American household. “People need to understand that mud isn’t only for GlamGlow masks. It’s for wrestling, and for driving your Mercedes into. And you could probably, like, eat it, too, probably.”

An upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians will detail Kanye’s decision to go country. The episode’s trailer depicts Kim’s struggle to master bass fishing with Kanye and his redneck friends. There’s still a while to wait for Kanye’s first country album (which is set to come out on February 30th of next year), but Kanye’s management team has released a couple of the song titles to get listeners excited in the months anticipating the big release. Here are a few:

  1. Gosh, It Sure Is Hard to Be a Redneck (In Calabasas)
  2. MAGA: Milked A Goat this Afternoon

And a fan favorite:

  1. Can’t Tell Me Nothing (If It Isn’t About My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ)



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