LeBron Blaming His Teammates For His Own Problems is Classic LeBron

By: Ryan Smithers

This is your GOAT? You’re comparing this to a guy with an NBA Defensive Player of the Year award and NINE selections to the NBA All-Defensive First Team? SHEESH.


I’m actually embarrassed for y’all Bron fans. I feel bad, I really do.


LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers last summer after leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers…again, and if you ask anyone who knows a lick about basketball, they’d tell you that the Lakers are nowhere near expectations for this season. The Lakers are 29-31 so far this season, sitting at 4th in the Pacific Division but only 3 games back of a playoff spot. Their position doesn’t seem too bad considering their wave of injuries, poor coaching, and lack of action at the trade deadline, but trust me, it’s bad. ESPN’s NBA Basketball Power Index recently predicted the Lakers’ playoff chances to be 3%, while their chances of getting a top-3 pick are now at 6%. SHEESH.


The absence of strong chemistry between the team and organization is what’s got this team rolling through mud, and it doesn’t hurt me to say that this is all on LeBron. Sure, LeBron is one of the greatest players to ever touch a basketball, but what rarely gets called out is the infectious disease he brings to a franchise. There’s a reason why fans jokingly call him the team’s coach, general manager, and owner. It’s because of the influence he has on all aspects of an organization, and that’s not necessarily a good thing.


LeBron has a history of multiple run-ins with coaches he didn’t agree with. He essentially ran David Blatt out of Cleveland when he returned to “The Land” in 2016, and he began the revolt against Tyronn Lue, who was fired early this season. Now, it seems like LeBron has already targeted Lakers’ head coach Luke Walton, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Bron is working on a plan to get him fired as we speak.


The LeBron effect has significantly impacted the trade and free-agent markets as well. Of course, any NBA player would love to play next to LeBron, but would LeBron love to play next to them? Probably not. LeBron loves to handpick his teammates and influence the team’s GM to make moves that HE wants, though we already know LeBron is the actual GM. Rumors have gone far and wide over the years about who LeBron wants, and doesn’t want, on his team. This is common in modern-day sports, where teams make moves building off their franchise player. But recently, LeBron went too far. Upcoming free agent and recent trade target Anthony Davis was high on the Lakers’ scope before the trade deadline. LeBron would do anything possible to team up with AD, even trade his entire team. The Lakers tried to give the Pelicans the world but came up short in the deal. LeBron’s wish came true after he drafted Anthony Davis to his all-star team, along with a few other free agents and close friends. Hmmmm…


His antics lit a fire under the Lakers and as a result, they were fined $50,000 for violating the league’s “anti-tampering” rules. LeBron and the Lake Show moved on after completely whiffing at the trade deadline. Not to worry though, LeBron has recently activated “Playoff Mode.”


LeBron saying he’s “activated playoff mode” is classic petty LeBron. Usually when he says stuff like this, he really doesn’t do things much differently. It’s all a “remember I still exist” scam. But Bron activating playoff mode may be the worst thing he’s ever done. The Lakers are 0-2 since activation, and LeBron is not happy. Not happy at all.


LeBron, like any good teammate, waits until post-game interviews to publicly criticize his team. He accuses the Lakers squad of not caring about basketball, and from the way they’ve been playing, it’s a valid point.


Like I said, valid point. Even though they’ve been a dumpster fire the last couple of seasons, you can’t allow distractions in this franchise. Distractions like filming a movie and chilling with 2 Chainz. Oh, wait. That’s LeBron. Possibly the biggest hypocrite in NBA history. The dude is balancing a hundred things over basketball right now. So I guess he is actually talking about himself.


I wouldn’t say LeBron is off to a hot start with the Lakers at all. So far, he’s questioned coaching, criticized teammates, has wanted to trade his entire team, and made a TV show with 2 Chainz. Maybe you’re the one distracted, LeBron. Ever get that through your thick skull, Mr. 3-6 in the Finals? You should probably start playing defense or playoff mode will be deactivated real quick. Maybe chill with the wine too, LeBron Blames.





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