Does Almost Every Millennial Have a Blog These Days?

By: Halie Holland

When you log into Instagram, you are almost always bombarded by young people telling you to “check out my blog!” or “swipe up and like my new blog post!”

You’re probably wondering why all these millennials are creating blogs. Do people actually look at them? What are they discussing on them? Are they making a substantial amount of money?

Millennials are the first generation to grow up with the internet. In a sense, they are more accustomed to sharing and looking for fulfillment on it. Their lives constantly revolve around Facebook updates, Instagram posts, snapchats, and blogs. They care about what celebrities, friends, and family are doing and the web is the place to see it. So why not create your own site to share your interests or just what’s happening in your life?

Millennials see great opportunities through blogging. They read and write blogs for education, entertainment and creativity. If they obtain a significant following, companies will pay them to advertise their products on their sites, allowing them to make more money and even get free products. There are a number of millennial bloggers who have successfully earned revenue through their blogs through a number of techniques.

Millennials are a very connected generation. Most of them are viewed as open-minded, passionate, and self-expressive. They are in tune with their feelings and emotions. They value their social lives and are very familiar with social sites and their influential impacts.

Blogging is a positive outlet for these young individuals. They build connections and friendships by posting their passions, experiences, and interests on their blogs.

The unfortunate side to blogging is internet trolls, who are people that purposely comment on blogs and social media sites to bully and say insensitive things with the intent to hurt.

But not all bloggers are successful. It can be quite difficult to gain a following and get people to read and interact with their posts.

Compared to other generations, millennials are more attuned to with the current world and trends around them. That’s why they enjoy sharing their their tips, experiences, stories, and thoughts with world.




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