Saturday Night Fever

By: Nancy Gonzales

The smash disco hits of the ‘70s are brought to life on stage with all the energy. Saturday Night Fever opens Thursday May 24th and runs Thursday-Saturday for 2 weeks. Put on your boogie shoes and get ready to dance!!


In anticipation, I sat down with Cidney who will perform in Saturday Night Fever. Her’s what she had to say:



  • Do you like the 70’s music?


      • “I do like 70’s music, and I like all the songs in the show. These songs are songs my parents listen to and really like,  and I didn’t even realize that these songs were in this show.”


  • What is the best part of being in Saturday Night Fever?


      • “The best part of Saturday Night Fever is just doing this with all my friends, and this being my first and last show because I’m a senior.”


  • Do you feel nervous already?


    • “I do already feel nervous; I’ve felt nervous from the start because I’m such a shy person, and this is so out of my comfort zone. Every day this week at rehearsal has felt like a dream because I would never have imagined me doing something like this.”



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