Mr. King’s Advisory

By: Nancy Gonzales

We should appreciate teachers; they work hard to be here every day to prepare us for life in the real world. A teacher that has impacted me is Mr. King. He is always up for anything. Mr. King is such a character. I look forward to seeing Mr. King on Fridays because he gives out live entertainment during advisory class. Friday’s quote is “Students be advised,” which I enjoy hearing. You will always see him take out his mosquito, and then he’ll begin to say “What did the mosquito say to the ear,”which makes everybody laugh. Mr. King will also say “Don’t be sorry, be yourself”, a quote that everyone knows, even the teachers. When somebody asks to go to the bathroom, Mr. King reminds them to tell everyone as they walk out that they had washed their hands. It is very rare to see him sit down, and he always keeps us updated with the latest gossip in the entertainment world. When I’m in Mr. King’s class, I feel that I get so much more than just an advisory class. It’s fun to watch videos in Mr. King’s advisory class because he adds emotion to the information shown. My favorite video that Mr. King has shown us might be the donkey singing along to a violin. I am happy to have Mr. King as my advisory teacher for two consecutive years. I have never seen him get mad at something or at someone, and he is always wearing a smile and a happy attitude to school. Mr. King also has a unique way of passing out papers during advisory class. It is so funny because as Mr. King aims to throw the paper directly to the students, the paper will end up falling on the floor or at somebody else’s desk. My classmates will follow the paper with their eyes, which makes everybody walk after a sheet of paper. Next time you are needing a little bit of entertainment to cheer you up, I can assure you Mr. King will be the perfect teacher to make your day a better one. Last but not least, Mr. King always ends class by saying, “Books before boys”.


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