You’ll Want to Watch this 10-Hour Documentary on the Importance of the Doorknob

By: Jacob Hales

You read that correctly. Buzzfeed is airing a 10-hour documentary about the history of the doorknob on April 1st. And guess who is narrating it? That’s right, David Attenborough. But how?

The doorknob is one of the most important inventions of all time, it has opened the door, quite literally, to new technologies and has further expanded our horizons. This documentary not only delves into the history of the doorknob but also analyzes its significance and how it has played a vital role in the history of mankind.

The documentary will start by explaining how the door knob came to be during the reign of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun, more commonly known as King Tut. Tut put the finest gold door handles on the doors of all his loyal subjects’ homes and businesses. The Egyptian people remember and worship him as the God of Doors. Flashforward 2000 years later, Marie Antoinette said “Let them use doorknobs!” and she then used them to protect her palace from the poor, malnourished freaks trying to lead a revolution. King Louis XVI of France’s last words were: “The doorknob will always and forever be the greatest invention made by man” before having his head cut off. Let’s just say Louis was right.

The doorknob has also helped with both international and civil disputes. During the Civil War, the North stood behind a closed door, or should I say a closed doorknob. Abraham Lincoln used doorknobs to close the door to his secret war planning room. Without a door knob, the North wouldn’t have won the war, because such secrets would not have been able to be concealed.

I can’t say much more, but the rest of the documentary involves the birth of humanity, the Chinese government, Brendan Fraser, and the international space station. I had the privilege of watching this masterpiece during its premiere. It is absolutely brilliant and the soundtrack is so poignant, I cried the entire showing (and let’s just say I wasn’t the only one).

Do you think you’re ready to discover your purpose on Earth? Tune into Buzzfeed’s latest documentary, “Knock Knock,” on April 1st at 9pm EST. You won’t want to miss it.



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