School Hours Extended

By: Nancy Gonzales

Hey you! Yes, you! You might have heard that the majority of schools are extending the school day? Yeah, I know, it’s an awful decision. They announced last Friday that there will be a two-hour extension, which means that we would be in school for ten hours a day, five days a week. Fifty hours a week is just too much, don’t you think? I read that the reason schools have decided to extend the hours was because many students don’t take time to study or complete their homework.  Basically, the extension works out for students to spend time getting ready for upcoming test and quizzes. Many students are not pleased with this new arrangement, but teachers think this is a great opportunity to bump their grades up in their classes so they could have the opportunity to leave for husky help. They are going to try this out the day after we come back from spring break. I know that this sounds awful, but we can’t do anything to stop it; we will need to just work with it. What do you think about this?



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