What Your Shoes Say About You

By: Nancy Gonzales

What types of shoes do you like to wear? Your shoes can say a bunch of different things about your personality. Are you one of those people who prefers to wear shoes that go with your outfit? Or do you prefer to feel comfortable all day long? You might speculate that I will be talking to the girls more than with the boys in this article, but I’m not; I’m  talking to everyone equally.

The first shoe type is:

Tennis Shoes


If you wear tennis shoes almost every day, that can let others know that you are very confident, goal oriented, and organized. It illustrates that you are multi-tasking a person who takes care of everything and that you are always around doing something.

The following shoes go to all the girls.



Girls that wear flats let everybody know that they are focused, very modest, and generous. They mostly do all the work and are the ones behind the scenes making the engines work.

Work Boots


What about if you like to wear work boots? By wearing work boots, you declare to everybody else that you plan ahead and have a strategy. You are always ready for what comes next, and you never have to worry about unforeseen obstacles.

Flip Flops


What do you think flip flops say about a person? Let me tell you: by wearing flip flops, it tells others that you are a very chill person who’s easy to be around. You go with the flow and see where life takes you. You’d rather do what makes you happy.

So far, has your shoe type matched your personality?  It’s interesting to see how your shoes match who you are. If you wear a mixture of all types of shoes, you might have a diverse personality, which is really awesome. Hopefully you enjoyed learning what each shoe says about you.



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