The Purpose of Watching Movies

By: Nancy Gonzales

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of going to the movie theater to see a movie? If I were to ask the people around the streets this same question, they might answer just by saying it’s important for entertainment. Even though this is true, there is another side of it. The movies take us to places that we haven’t visited before; they offer us a wider window and the ability to view a different world. The window that the movies give us makes us want to be more than ourselves. By nature, people see the world from different perspectives.

The cinema director wants more than just a window; he wants for us to focus on the tiniest details that are presented in the movie. It is a magnifying glass because it focuses our attention to the reality that we live everyday. We may see the world for what it really is: magnificence and curiosity. Movies make us feel curious about our lives because we might compare them to our daily life. We might like to have one thing that the movie presented to our life. We might even imagine ourselves being super active, doing something that is impossible in real life but possible in the movie, like superpowers or to that effect. The purpose is to distract ourselves and to enjoy our life a little bit more unrealistically. Movies shift us into little kids when watching them, and we really seem to enjoy them because we keep going back to the movie theater to watch a specific movie. If the movie is really good, we even recommend it to our friends and our family, telling them to take some time and go enjoy the movie.

In conclusion, the purpose of watching movies is more than just Hollywood and entertainment, it gives us a different world and we see our life differently. It’s to catch the lesson that the director was trying to teach the audience. The next time you sit down to watch a movie, remember to watch out for the lesson of the story, to let your imagination flow, and to always be sure to enjoy yourself.



3 thoughts on “The Purpose of Watching Movies

  1. That’s is for sure, I always watch movies and I really aporiciate the directors for their work, because if not for them I couldn’t even saw how NYC look like


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