The Mistreatment of Animals

By: Nancy Gonzales

Do you like to get mistreated? The answer that you would give me right away would obviously be that nobody likes to get mistreated. As humans, we like to get treated well wherever we go, but have you ever thought about how the animals feel when they get mistreated at a grooming salon or some other place? I know that we all have favorite places that we like to go to because of  a positive experience. What about the animals? Obviously the animals will not respond you back to you if ask them something, but don’t let that give you the reason to mistreat them. The animals have feelings just as we do, and they have their preferences and their dislikes too. I recently saw in the news that at a PetSmart grooming salon, a Shih Tzu was being mistreated by a groomer. The news report read that the employee was yanking the Shih Tzus ear to change angles to cut his fur. In the video, it demonstrates the harsh way the groomer was pulling and grabbing its face and ears. Sadly, there’s people that own a dog or work at a place that require one to deal with an animal and still these the innocent animals get mistreated. I think that less animals would be mistreated if we all spoke out just as the a customer at PetSmart did when she videotaped the Shih Tzu. Do you think that it’s fair for the animals to get mistreated? It’s not, and I would like for you to finish reading this article and hopefully feel so inclined to join one of the animal protection societies that are available all around the world.

The amount that these societies ask for is usually just a few cents or a few dollars each month because they know that everyone is capable of donating the small amount that they ask for. You can make a difference for the animals. Next time you are watching tv and the animal protection society commercial comes on,you should find the motivation to donate. It will not hurt  if we donate a small amount each month. Thinking about the animals being treated the way that they should be at a animal protection center makes me feel excited to always treat the animals well. If we love the animals, we should give them the perfect care that they deserve to have. The animals will appreciate you for donating them a small amount that they are going to enjoy for a long time.

In conclusion, the animals have feelings just as we do. They love to be treated well and receive love from a person. Instead of  just staring at the animal society commercials, we should donate. I know that at the end, you will feel satisfied that you have helped a pet get a better treatment.



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