This is Me: Nancy Gonzales

By: Nancy Gonzales

Do you have a creative mind? Well I do, and I love it. But first let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Nancy Bridget Gonzalez. I’m a very calm person; at first I may seem shy, but after you get to know me for a while you’ll notice that I’m different. In 7th grade, Mom and I created a beach house, we made the roof removable so you could see the interior of the house, and it was really cool. It was so impressive that my science teacher kept it as an example for the other classes, but that was really mean of him to just take it without asking me if I wanted to keep it. I think that I got my creativity from mom she’s been helping me with my projects since I was little. Dad and my other two siblings don’t have the same creativity as Mom and I do. At school, my brain begins popping out ideas after hearing what my classmates are thinking. Don’t worry if I come up with an idea that might not sound good, I’ll find out a way to make it work and look pretty good. At school when my group is assigning roles to every person, the role that I always receive is to add color to the project. I don’t mind getting the same role every single time I work in groups. I prefer doing the receiving the same role every time then researching some famous person and writing about his/her accomplishments.

My creativity comes in handy even more when my friends are planning a party and other special events.  I’ve helped family members and some other people plan how they would like the decorations to look and all that fun stuff. The only time you’ll see me being messy will be when I’m working on a project, but after that, I’m very organized with everything. For me, it’s very important to be organized. I like to collect samples from different stores and parties that I attend  because it provides me with great ideas to use for the next event I’m involved in. I usually get my ideas off of Pinterest or search videos on YouTube, but I get even more excited when I come up with my own ideas. Coming up with my own ideas and using my own supplies that I have collected provides me with better ideas for the next time.

I would like for you to know about the time I planned a surprise party for my parent’s anniversary. My friend adores my parents, and she is always up to do anything for them. As I explained to her my plan, she began to feel very excited. She texted me everyday asking me what new ideas I had, and once we knew what we wanted, she went to the store to buy the materials for the decorations. The day of the surprise, I talked to her to let her know how I wanted the center pieces to be placed on the table and when I would be arriving at her house with my parents. It took a lot more effort from both of us to keep it a secret because both of our parents are always together. When we reached my friend’s house, I noticed that the guests parked behind the house, which was very clever of her; she knew that my mom could get suspicious seeing all the cars parked at the front. The moment we stepped in the house, it looked amazing. My parents were surprised and my family members asked us how we planned it without my parents noticing.  We both answered that we work very well together. At the end, I thanked my friend because, without her, I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what I had in mind. I know she’ll help me even if it’s a crazy idea. Having a friend like her is the best thing ever; she’ll always be my partner in good and bad times.

These are some of my favorite things.  I like being part of special occasions.  This is part of my personality, and I can’t change it. Hope you can deal with my crazy ideas because once I get comfortable in a class, I change radically from being shy to being heard.




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