Christmas Traditions: You Won’t Believe #5

By: Twumasi Duah-Mensah

In all of the stress we build up from school and work, we forget the most core unit to our identity: family. The holidays are the perfect time to reconnect and celebrate with your family. Here are some activity ideas to make the holidays unforgettable:

  1. Create Christmas Decorations with Leaves – You know those autumn leaves you worked so hard to rake in the cold fall weather? Put them to use by decorating your house with them. Create a wreath or ornaments. If you’re up for a challenge, make a small Christmas tree out of your leaves! Don your Christmas decorations with leaves painted in red, white, and green.
  2. Family Game Night – Challenge your family to compete with you in a classic game of Jeopardy. Find some board games from the closet. Game night is an especially great idea if you have extended family over for the holidays. There’s nothing better than some healthy competition. You can also introduce the greatest game of all time, Shoulders (if you know, you know). Raise the stakes! Loser gets pied in the face!
  3. Family Story – Turn down the heat, cuddle up in your pajamas and blankets, get some hot tea or cocoa, and gather around the Christmas tree. It’s story time! Ask your parents about an age-old story that may have shaped their life, a great Christmas story, or make up a fictional Christmas story!
  4. School Performance – Have a local school play in your area? Christmas musical? Parades?  Going to these performances helps you connect with your fellow community members and your family.
  5. Decorating Cookies or Gingerbread Houses – Buy some graham crackers, frosting, and candy, and create a whole gingerbread house village. Don’t want to spend too much? Get creative. Find food around your house to create your own version of a gingerbread village with your younger siblings, older siblings, and parents.
  6. Go to Your Roots – Not sure of these suggestions? Too little time? Every human has roots tracing back to centuries ago. Draw on your cultural background for unique traditions to improve upon for the holidays.

No matter your financial situation or cultural roots, these six ideas will make the holiday season one to remember with your family.



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