For: Christmas Decorations in November

By: Peyton Lawson

To all the scrooges that are against putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving,

Why is putting up a Christmas tree in mid-November such a crime? Yeah, yeah, I understand that Thanksgiving is its own holiday and it deserves attention, but who says a family can’t sit around a table eating and being thankful with a Christmas tree gracing the background? All in all, the foundations of both holidays aren’t that different. Both bring families together, remind us to be thankful for what we have, and create joy during the cold of winter. A Christmas tree during Thanksgiving dinner really can’t hurt.

The biggest thing is that just because a house is already decorated for Christmas, one shouldn’t assume that they appreciate the spirit of Thanksgiving any less. I still eat the turkey, watch football, and enjoy my family. It just so happens that my tree is beautifully lit too. I would greatly appreciate if peers would stop criticizing my Christmas joy. If it will help, I can buy a turkey and football themed ornament. That is true celebration of Thanksgiving–an ornament in its honor.

Again, why must we have more division in these divisive times between the two of us—people for mid-November decorating and the cotton-headed ninny-muggins’ that are against it. Thanksgiving is about appreciation and unity. Our groups should come together, just as the two holidays should have overlapping celebrations. Together, we could end this unnecessary conflict. After all, it’s quite ridiculous to be worried about this matter when there is pumpkin pie to eat and trees to decorate. Let’s enjoy all that the holiday season has to offer.


Someone who loves Christmas as much as Buddy the Elf.


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