The Lack of Environmentalism

By: Malena Esposito


“Mexico buries its dead after worst earthquake in decades.”

“Hurricane Irma wiped out so many plants that these Caribbean Island have changed colors.”

“Catastrophic flooding hits Texas as the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey leaves at least 2 dead.”

“Ash falls like snow in Seattle as wildfires rage in the Pacific Northwest.”

“Up to half of a million people to be evacuated as giant Typhoon Talim approaches south-eastern China.”

These are real life headlines of newspaper articles published within the past week. But why? Why are these apocalyptic extravaganzas happening? What is destroying our planet, our home?

We are. We are killing the Earth. I’m not talking about “we” as in you and I, I’m talking “we” as in you, me, and the other 7.5 billion people that live in this world. That’s a lot of people, and what are they all doing?

These people ould be working, sleeping, eating, going to school, going on an adventure, shopping — the possibilities are endless. But no matter who you are, no matter what you do, you have impact the earth.

Studies published as early as the 90s show that climate change and global warming is because of man-made population, and it will only get worse as the years go on.

Some people are very aware of this concept and actively try to minimize their personal carbon footprint. Maybe they stay away from animal products, take shorter showers, use their bike to get around, recycle as often as they can, create a compost pile… again — the possibilities are endless.

However, some are not so aware. Some even choose not to be. This ignorance leads to throwing trash wherever it’s convenient for them, not picking up after themselves, tossing out recyclable materials in the garbage, and simply not caring.

But why don’t people care? Is it because they don’t think it will affect them? Is it because the earth’s destruction hasn’t happened yet? If only they knew….

If only they knew that this earth will be here long after them.

If only they knew that what they do now doesn’t just effect the present, but also the future.

The Earth is here for everyone for all generations. The earth provides us with what we need to survive and even thrive. Food, shelter, water, clothes, — even the latest technology. All of that is thanks to this planet, the planet in which we live.

Unfortunately, some people don’t think like that. They act as if they can trash the world and go find a new one. But let me burst your bubble — we can’t just take off and live on Mars. Maybe one day, but that day is not today, and we certainly shouldn’t wait around for it to happen.

I hope that one day people will realize that the Earth is here for everyone. It was here for your ancestors, it’s here for your family, and it’ll be here for your future family. Do you really want to live in a trashy world? The Earth gives us everything we could possibly need and more. All it asks is that we take care of it. Why can’t we at least do that? We are the only ones that can do that….

Care about the environment. Care about the Earth. It does everything for you.


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