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By: Kara Haselton

Are you a club leader who would like the achievements and happenings of your club to be noticed by a larger crowd? Or are you a teacher who wants your great plans for your classes to be recognized? Or do you want more students to sign up for your super cool classes? Well, consider The Heritage Herald your new best friend. We would like to consider ourselves as the voice of the school, and one way to do that is by advertising and highlighting school events. However, this year’s team has only seven staff writers. The seven of us do not accurately represent the entire school and its two thousand students. We can’t be well-informed on every occurring school event left to our own devices. We need your help. If you have a small club that you want to grow in popularity, contact us and we’ll write an article about its fun and unique purpose. If you know of an exciting event happening around the school and want it covered, just ask. We accept freelance writers, too! Just because you’re not on the Heritage Herald staff, doesn’t mean you can’t be involved.

We would greatly appreciate your help to connect our student body.


Kara Haselton



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