College Applications, Advice to Juniors

By: Devin Fussa

Soon enough, high school juniors across the country will begin applying to colleges. In all honesty, it’s not a fun process – it can be tasking, complex, and even somewhat daunting. But it can become manageable, easy even, if students are diligent and focused during the next few months.

Visiting prospective colleges is a wonderful idea; summer is often the best time to do so. Simply signing up for a tour allows for a basic level of exposure regarding a particular school and can provide insight as to whether or not you want to apply. While you don’t have to tour every college, it certainly helps. Make sure you sign up early, however – spots can fill quickly.

And of course, almost all colleges require a form of academic testing. Taking the SAT and ACT is, unfortunately, necessary. Again, sign up for these tests in advance if you haven’t already begun to do so. Studying helps, but can it can be difficult when you aren’t entirely sure what will be on the tests. Using review packets and questions found online can be of benefit; any studying in general could help. If your preparation helps you correctly answer even three additional questions, it payed off to some degree.

Most importantly, attempt to stay organized. There will be a plethora of digital documents, essays to complete, and recommendations that need collection. For some, the process of applying to colleges can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be. Planning in advance is massively helpful, and will prevent the notice of any sudden deadlines. Be sure to ask for help if needed, and remember that you alone have the ability to control how easy the college process becomes.

The coming months can be difficult, but they may also determine the next four years of your life. Treat them carefully, and with the deserved importance. Most of all, complete the necessary work, but remember to breathe. As long as you feel prepared, hopefully, your acceptance letters will be reflective of that feeling. And if you’ve challenged yourself throughout high school, remain confident; with luck, you’ll see your efforts repaid in full.