A Tribute to Newspaper

By: Devin Fussa

I don’t know very many people who enjoy writing essays. I don’t particularly, either. Yet for some reason, during my junior year of high school, I applied for a class solely based around the process of writing essays. After hearing that applications for newspaper had opened, I grabbed a form, filled it out, and promptly submitted it.

The school newspaper has proved to be a unique class, unlike any other I know of at Heritage High School. The student run organization has fostered a culture of student innovation, and of student self-sufficiency. The class nearly resembles a job, with deadlines and insightful collaboration, rather than with tests and PowerPoints.

When I arrive to third period every Monday, I have the responsibility to choose my weekly curriculum, to chose what I want to write about. In this freedom, I find solace, for a number of reasons. Writing is never an exertion of effort if you truly believe in your materiel. The Heritage Herald gives each staff member that belief, to the degree at which I no longer mind writing my articles. I am under a strong impression that my seven other classmates would say the same. The newspaper allows our staff to communicate ideas, to communicate messages. And while not every student reads our articles, someone does. Someone, every week, is introduced to new information, and I think that’s a great thing to be a part of.

A year ago, I filled out a form to apply for newspaper. Mostly, I guess, because I had wanted to try something new during my senior year. What I discovered was a great class, filled with great people, led by a great teacher (although Mr. Schweikert does have a terrible taste in music).

I don’t enjoy writing essays. I do, however, enjoy reading over my work, fully aware that I have been provided a voice, no matter how small. I am gladdened to know that with luck, someone will read one of my papers and feel informed, intrigued, or even enlightened. I am gladdened to know that when my articles are published online, I can happily sign my name atop the page as the sole author, proud of the effort and time I put into a column.