New Study Shows that Teachers Do In Fact Purposely Plan Tests on the Same Day

By: Kara Haselton

Students have slowly begun to notice that the tests they take in various classes, ranging from social studies to the sciences — even calculus, a math class — are being scheduled on the same day. While the appearance of this offensive nature originally seemed sporadic and didn’t occur often enough to assume any preconceived planning, new evidence has been found, pointing in a new direction.

It has been suggested that teachers of all studies have deliberately planned tests on the same day with hopes that their students will be overwhelmed and stressed out.

When the news of this possible misconduct reached the ears of the Heritage Herald, some staffers immediately went out to find the truth, some even going undercover with the hope to catch teachers redhanded with committing this crime.

One teacher, who shall remain anonymous for fear of backlash from fellow teachers, finally admitted to the act after several attempts at denial.

“We really wanted to plan the tests on the same day simply because we like to see our students freak out and come in on that day. Half asleep is the ultimate goal, because they stayed up studying all night for three of their four classes. It’s a huge laughing matter in the break room.”

When interrogated about how, with good conscience, they could continue this way, they said,

“I don’t really consider it that evil. I mean, it’s only two or three of their classes. At least it’s not all four, right? Well except for that one time…”

Students who are currently taking APUSH, AP Calculus, AP Psychology, and/or AP Chemistry should expect to see their next tests scheduled on the same day.